Tips to Organize Your Kid’s Closet Like a Boss


Raising a child and corralling their closet truly takes a village! It’s hard to avoid a closet cluster especially when our kiddos accumulate so many clothes, shoes and accessories. While dreaming of containing the chaos may bring you momentary peace, buckling down to actually get your kid’s closet organized can be overwhelming, unless you try the following simple, stress-free tips. 

  1. kid's closetAdd a valet rod: Adding a pull-out valet rod to your kid’s closet makes a world of difference! Even with hybrid learning, your child should still dress for success daily. This simple addition allows them to pick out an outfit the night before and have it on display and ready to be worn, so you don’t have to fuss with outfit changes in the morning. 
  2. Consider shelves for the week: Similar to the valet rod, it’s never too early to teach your kids how to be prepared for the week ahead. A good way to aid them along in this learning process is to consider installing a shelf for each day of the week in their room. They can pick their clothes out for the next 7 days and again, you can avoid an early morning meltdown. 
  3. Color coding: If several kids share a closet, use colored bins or small boxes as a way of labeling items in a cupboard. If a brother and sister are sharing, all of her belongings could be in pink boxes while his could be in blue ones. 
  4. Color coordinate: Having a color coordinated closet subconsciously teaches kids the colors of the rainbow (ROYGBIV) and helps them acquire organizational skills like a robot. Kids thrive with systems and color coordinating is your secret weapon to daily structure. 
  5. Utilize pull-out baskets: Organizational pros know that there should be a spot for everything. Dedicating a specific place to put things away can save immense time and energy when it comes to kids. Use pull-out baskets for the kiddos’ favorite items and toys. Always place them at a lower level so they can actually help clean up a mess. 
  6. Opt for smaller, kid-sized hangers: Kid-sized, velvet hangers will offer a better experience when organizing their closet. They better accommodate to their itty-bitty clothing sizes, create more space, prevent clothes from falling off and are super affordable.

kid's closet

Author: Mary Hampton, Owner of Scottsdale-based Hampton Design & Closets 


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