It is now January and I fear a post-holiday depression (magnified by Covid restrictions and a year of cancelations) is going to take over my household. 

The holiday excitement was truly magical this year. But I knew December would end, online school would resume, and with it a series of activities that we still wouldn’t be able to partake in. My kids aren’t doing playdates. There are no birthday parties to look forward too. We aren’t visiting any restaurants in-person. The stress of keeping everyone healthy and safe continues into 2021. It is all such a bummer.

post-covid bucket listBut I am really hopeful that sometime this year (fingers crossed), we will start living a normal life again. I don’t know when that will happen but I need the kids to see the light at the end of this long Covid tunnel. So we are creating a post-covid family bucket list containing all the things we are looking forward to once life returns to “normal.” I will display the list in the kitchen to serve as a reminder to the family of all the exciting things we will do again…..someday. As a family, we love looking forward to things, and I am hoping this will help some of the post-holiday blues that seem to be inevitable this year. 

Here are my tips for making a successful post-covid bucket list for your family:

  1. Let everyone in the family choose 1 or 2 things to add to the list. 
  2. Make them realistic and do-able. (No, we probably are not going to Disney World this year.)
  3. Display the list in a place everyone can see regularly.
  4. Talk about the positives about staying home now, but what fun you will have as a family in the future.

Some ideas we have as a family include visiting some of our favorite restaurants, going to the movies, hosting a mask burning party, inviting friends over we haven’t seen in a long time, celebrating the holidays with family, going to a concert and going to a resort waterpark.  

post-covid bucket listPlease note that every family has their own level of what they feel comfortable participating in. Some people might be doing everything already on our post-covid list, while some people might think we are reckless for the activities that we are already partaking in. Every family’s comfort level is up to their discretion. And we aren’t here to judge each family’s choices.

What are some events you are looking forward to with your family post-covid? 

Here is a printable bucket list you can use! 2021 post-covid Bucket List