Creating Christmas Magic


This year the holiday season is going to look very different than previous years. There will be no holiday parties on our calendar, less crowded events, and a ton more time at home with our families. It seems that this year, more than any other year, is the time to create true Christmas magic with traditions that will bring joy to your holiday home. 

Hand selecting and bringing home our very own real Christmas tree is one of the best traditions that the whole family absolutely loves. Who doesn’t want to visit a real Christmas tree farm or fresh tree lot, picking out your very own beautiful tree that will be the center of all your holiday festivities. Plus don’t forget to take pictures; the Christmas tree lot is the perfect backdrop for your holiday pictures and Instagram photos. 

In a recent survey of more than 2,000 adults in the U.S., a majority of respondents (86%) agree that it’s possible to make good memories even during difficult times. And more than three-quarters (76%) said they think of real Christmas trees as a true experience (as opposed to just buying another thing) and the experience is magical for the whole family.*

Besides adding magic and joy to your holiday decorating, the very best part of having a real Christmas tree is that your entire house smells like Christmas! It is impossible to not feel happy and festive with a real Christmas tree in your home. And, since we are all spending more time at home this year, who doesn’t want our homes to feel extra special? Plus, if we are honest, Scottsdale winter weather is great, but it doesn’t always feel “Christmas-y.” Adding a real tree to your home brings that Christmas, wintery feeling directly to your living room!

Click here to find some pro tips on how to care for your real Christmas tree, the different types of Christmas trees available and where you can locally choose your special Christmas tree. Also, after the holiday season is over, the City offers a tree recycling drop off location at Sereno Park (56th Street and Sweetwater Ave). Real Christmas trees come from the earth and return to the earth; they are biodegradable, so they can be recycled or reused for mulch. In fact, research shows that real trees are much friendlier to the environment compared to artificial trees. Artificial trees have three times the impact on climate change and resource depletion.** 

Now is the time to plan your trip to select your real Christmas tree this year. Don’t forget the hot cocoa {with marshmallows, of course}, turn on your favorite Christmas carols, and you have the beginnings of creating a magical Christmas for your family. Don’t want to go out to shop? You can even buy a real Christmas tree online.

Buying a real Christmas tree is a way to support local businesses, organizations, and their workers who may have suffered during the pandemic. 

Visit to learn more. 

  • Enter your zip code to find a real Christmas tree near you
    • The interactive map & search filters can help you find a real Christmas tree no matter where you live and prefer to shop:
      • Choose and Cut Farms
      • Seasonal Lots
      • Garden Centers
      • General Retailers
      • Home Improvement Stores
    • Don’t want to go out to shop? Some retailers even have online sales and home delivery! 
  • Use the visual tree guide for a close-up look at the many types of real Christmas trees!
*TRUE Global Intelligence fielded a survey of 2,019 Americans adults ages 21 to 49 years from July 6th to July 10th, 2020. All respondents to the survey celebrate or observe Christmas and either decide or share in the decision of whether and what kind of Christmas tree to put up in their home each year or influence their home’s decisionmaker. The survey has a margin of error of ±2.2% and higher for subgroups
**Comparative Life Cycle Assessment of an Artificial Christmas Tree and a Natural Christmas Tree; Ellipsos, Montreal, Quebec, 2009; pages 6 & 8.
Thank you to the Christmas Tree Promotion Board for being a sponsor of Scottsdale Moms and for teaching us the importance of supporting the North American Christmas Tree farmers.


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