Friday Favorites

Every so often, we are sent samples of new products to try! If we like them, they will end up right here for you to see.

Are you ready for some Friday Favorites?

Keeps your hands warm and your freezer pop cold! These SqueeZaroo freezer pop sleeves are perfect for an after school surprise! My little ones love freezer pops and these sleeves keep their Keeps your hands warm and your freezer pop cold! And here in the desert, you know we eat our share of freezer pops year round! 

This summer, I was looking for a sweet welcome home gift for my daughter. She is home from college and I wanted her to know that I was so glad she was here. These gold pinky rings are the perfect summer gift! They have tons of choices and are the perfect addition to any summer outfit.



Beautiful gold earrings from AUrate, perfect for your sweetheart! Fine jewelry deserves fair prices. And so do you. All of our jewelry is born, raised, and handmade in NYC. No import taxes, no unnecessary middlemen, no insane markups. And we produce pieces on a made-to-order basis so that you don’t pay for extra inventory costs. Because we love gold, but not price tags.

These dainty earrings are perfect to wear from daytime to evening, especially when you don’t have time to run home for a change! 

ghost paperGhost Paper –  With their patented design, Ghost Paper Notebooks combine the freedom of a blank pages with the structure of lined pages. The alternating embossed and debossed pages give a faint line that disappears in direct light. The texture is slight enough that it does not interfere with pen marks.

As a lover of all things journals and stationery, this was incredible. The paper is so smooth and takes ink beautifully. I love making a good list and this made it even better!


purifyou water bottles – Make the best choice with our Premium Glass Water Bottles with silicone sleeves that come in different sizes and a variety of beautiful colors. 

This is a new favorite in our house! It has been dropped a few times and has not broken on the tile floor (whew!). We are really trying to replace our plastic water bottles and these are a perfect alternative.


friday favoriteslil’gourmets –  the first fresh organic veggie meal; our chef-inspired recipes make vegetables the star with 70-95% veggies and complex spice blends for delicious flavors your child will love.

Since my youngest is almost three now, I had the privilege of gifting this to a neighbor. They loved it and felt absolutely spoiled! This would make a perfect gift for moms ready to introduce solids to their baby! 



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