The 5 Pregnancy Classes I Wish They Offered to Moms


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With pregnancy comes ten months of prepping. We buy pregnancy books to learn how our body is changing, we scour the internet for articles on the best baby products and we take countless classes on breastfeeding, breathing and more. However, with all these resources, first time parents are held at a disadvantage from the start. How so? Well, I think it’s safe to say that most first time parents haven’t opened a nursery rhyme book in decades. Chances are, first time parents haven’t thought about playing with toys since they were kids. The truth is, we spend ten months preparing for much of what happens naturally and we have completely forgotten to think about life beyond feeding, changing diapers and getting a baby to sleep. I think it’s time to set aside the “what to expect” books, the “how to get your baby to sleep” books and the “breathing during labor” classes. Instead, I think we need classes that will make us smile and remind us that this new life gives us the chance to be a kid again (kind of)!

The 5 Pregnancy Classes I Wish They Offered

Nursery Rhymes 101 – Take this new parent quiz. Recite Humpty Dumpty, The Itsy Bitsy Spider and Little Bo Peep. Stumped? This is your class!

Children’s Songs 101 – Would you like to avoid singing Christmas carols all year long? This class will teach you the children’s songs you need to know and provide a list of CD’s for you to have on hand. Yes, I said a CD for a CD player. Believe it or not, this “ancient” electronic device will come in handy with your baby!

How to….

Pack for the pool – Swim diaper? What’s a swim diaper? You mean the pee goes through the swim diaper? Avoid rookie mistakes and ace your first trip to the pool or splash pad.

Pack for the playground – Fast forward a couple of months and your newborn is going to be mobile. Did you pack a picnic blanket, a change of clothes, snacks, toys, water, and the rest of your nursery? Avoid first time parent mistakes and attend this class to perfect the playground play date. Your fellow new Mommy friends will be in awe!

Plan a Play Date – What food and drinks will you serve for a baby’s first play date? Where should it be held? What activities should it involve? How many Mommies and babies should you invite? All the things you need to know before you invite your new Mommy friends to meet up!

So to all the pregnant first time Mommies out there, put down the “life during pregnancy” book for a minute, go to your nearest library and check out a copy of Mother Goose. It will help you in the long run and might even ease those first time parent jitters by making you laugh!


  1. Perfect!!!!! Love this list. I literally sang Christmas carols and the Star Spangled Banner for the first 6 months! Thank goodness for Kindermusik!

  2. Yup! At Kindermusik we can certainly help you out with #1 & #2!! Scottsdale Moms…come check us out! We offer FREE trial classes AND, we offer a very special FREE 3 part mini-session for newborns – 3 months! Our mini session, “Mama Goose”, is created especially for our tiniest Kindermusik Kids and the grown-ups they bring along:) Learn al about the most recent research in infant development while engaging your tiny little one in age-appropriate, multi-sensory activities! LEARN MORE:


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