Arizona Summer is not Cancelled: Moms Unite to Make it Through


My husband was born and raised in San Diego. He told me when school was out for summer, they would call it “June Gloom” because there were overcast skies for the entire month, which actually sounds amazing right now. Honestly, I am feeling the June Gloom here. All of the usual summer activities that have kept us afloat will remain closed for summer, but summer itself is not cancelled. We have always enjoyed the Summer Movie Fun at Harkin’s Theaters, Lego Discovery at Arizona Mills, VBS at our local church, and so many other great experiences. As far as travel plans, most are not happening because of restrictions still in place across the country. We know that inside excursions are how we survive the Arizona summer.

We are fortunate to have many great short road trips available to us in Sedona, Flagstaff and Payson; but, how does a mom survive summer on the ordinary days? Are you like me and feel your arsenal of mom tricks is empty because we used them up during quarantine? I am feeling fresh out of ideas. However, my hope has always been in the great community of moms. We have this innate ability to rise up and find ways to cultivate memories for our kids even in the midst of events that are out of our control.

This is why we belong to each other at Scottsdale Moms. We are here for exactly this time. This community is the place where we share ideas for hacks, snacks, and new plans of attack. If there was ever a time that we need community, it is here and now. My encouragement to moms of this community is to use your platforms on social media to share what you are doing this summer, not only with your children, but how you are keeping yourself well mentally and physically. 

Moms are always looking for frugal ways to engage our children, places to go, learning experiences and just good fun. As moms, we want to know what works, but also what doesn’t. Most of my Pinterest attempts are huge fails which usually turns out to be the most fun. Show us where your specialty lies. Are you great in the kitchen, or in crafts? Maybe you have great ideas for experiments or outdoor activities. You can be an active participant by tagging Scottsdale Moms on all social media platforms, or just follow so you can start to replenish your own bag of tricks.

We were made for community. As moms we know that the support of other mamas is priceless. You are so valued here. We know most days we feel like it is survival of the fittest. When we participate in supporting one another in this gift of motherhood, we thrive. And we do not thrive in isolation, but in community.


  1. Yes! I feel exactly like that! My bag of tricks was used up in quarantine, but I’m so thankful for the moms in this group who continue to constantly inspire me!


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