4 Ways to Make a Crowded Closet Look Fabulous


Making the most of your closet space doesn’t have to break the bank. Small tweaks can make a BIG difference. Try one or a few of the below hacks to get organized and make a crowded closet space feel comfortable.

Add A Valet Rod

When was the last time you picked out what you were going to wear the day before!?
Adding a pull-out valet rod to your closet makes a world of difference and will keep your
outfit front and center! It’s been proven that picking your outfit the night before gives
you more confidence and less anxiety to start your day and be your best self for work or

The Hanger Flip

If you’re having a hard time letting go of the dress you only wore to that one concert, try
this hack. Flip the hangers backwards in your closet. As soon as you wear the item, flip
the hanger back around. At the end of the year you can see how many items you
thought you would wear, but never did. It’s a great way to purge clothes you really don’t
wear anymore. The proof is in the hangers!

Keep It Moving

Rotating your wardrobe seasonally is one of the easiest ways to save space in the closet.
When the weather warms up, take out coats, boots and any other heavy gear and store
them in plastic tote bins. Replace everything with sundresses, sandals and other
summer attire.

Hooks For Handbags

Need a way to hang up handbags, clutches, belts or other accessories? Try an S-hook.
These are usually inexpensive, easy to find and super easy to install. You can also hang
jeans from them too. Just slide the belt loops over the hook.

Share your tips for maximizing a crowded closet in the comments below.

Author: Mary Hampton is the founder of Scottsdale-based Hampton Design and Closets.


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