The Door Guardian – Securing Doors for Kids of All Ages

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My littlest one likes to play out in the front yard.  I always feel that in order for him to play out front, I need to put on a bra and it’s probably a good idea to at least change out of my pajamas.  I prefer the containment of playing in the backyard.  There are no fast cars out there, or passersby with dogs that we will have to stop so we can pet their pups, and I can avoid the overly chatty neighbor from the safety of the backyard.  Unfortunately, my reasons to play in the backyard fall on little dude’s stubborn ears and the protests begin.  On more than one occasion, if that little rascal is unattended for two minutes, he will open up the door to the garage, hit the button to open the big garage door, and is running down the driveway for his freedom. 

For all the stern talking-to, time-outs, loss of privileges and beloved belongings, he just cannot be trusted. I tried those extra large fixtures that go over the door knob.  What a joke those things are!  He figured out very quickly to just “hang” from the knob and it would pop off.  I needed a better solution!  Enter the Door Guardian door lock.  It took all of 5 minutes to install and it was easy peasy to do.  So easy peasy, in fact, that even I could do it!  I am definitely not power tool literate.  But I do know the very basics of how to use a drill.  Just a couple of screws to drill into the door frame and voila!  No more escaping preschooler.  I just placed the Door Guardian up high enough on the door so that my children cannot access it. 

The Door Guardian comes in 6 different color options to compliment any door finish and can be installed on wood or metallic frames.  There’s an option for in-swinging doors and out-swinging doors.  It also gives me peace of mind that the spring-loaded action will prevent the Door Guardian from accidentally locking itself.  I like that it not only prevents my little guy from accessing the garage, but it also provides an added layer of security against an intruder.  While our family is trying to accept the fact that we will have a Wild Cat amongst us Sun Devils, when my niece heads off to the University of Arizona in the fall for her Freshman year of college, I plan on helping her install Door Guardian in her student residence.   

The Door Guardian believes in making home safety accessible to all, which is why they’ve worked so hard over the years to make their products safe, easy to use and also affordable.  



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