Eat2Explore – A Fun Way to Learn and Cook Together


I am loving cooking with my 6 year old during quarantine. It helps me give her some special one on one time while also getting stuff done! Recently eat2explore offered our team the opportunity to sample their boxes and I jumped on it. 

These food boxes are cool in the sense that your kiddo gets to explore a country while helping you cook. I have found that sometimes kids will be more open to trying new foods when they help to prepare the foods with you. The other cool thing about eat2explore versus other meal prep kits is that because you buy the fresh ingredients and they supply the spices, you can make several nights dinner from one box. This is helpful to our family because it’s the box that keeps giving.

We chose Greece for our family, because I am a vegetarian and everyone else eats meat. There are select boxes on their sites that offer both options for meals, which is great for our family. 

In the box you get a passport, a pin of the country flag, a shopping list, spices, a gadget and recipes! There is also a country fact sheet. So for Greece we learned about the capitol, language spoken, unique animals and more. My sister lives in Greece and so it was fun to tell my kids about where their aunt and cousins live.

Our first dinner was the Chicken/Vegetarian Souvlaki. This was fun, because what kid doesn’t like skewers?! The shopping list was pretty easy and straight forward and the total time was 30 minutes. The steps to cooking are also great because it shows a rating of who can do each step. Youngest chefs, older chefs and adults. This visual helps my kids to understand that although this is their project, mom (or dad) plays a role in some steps. 

Their tzatziki mix for Greek yogurt is my absolute favorite. Such a creamy dip/spread and the kids loved it too. The vegetarian option was adding zucchini, bell pepper and onion to the pita and I snuck some in on the kids’ chicken ones too and it was a hit!

This was such a fun night! I am so excited to try the other dishes. We also got a Morrocan box to explore. The other cool thing is that you can buy a box when you want and choose countries rather than just have a random country shipped to you that you may not prefer!

So as we learned in our box, Kali oreksi! That’s Greek for “Enjoy your meal!”  

Thanks Eat2Explore for providing a meal box for review.


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