Product Review: MEandMine Fish Out Germs Playset


There is nothing more my kids like then getting their own mail.  This time around, my five year old son, Michael, got his own package, a MEandMine Fish Out Germs playset. By following the directions, we were able to experience great hands-on learning about the human body.

As our family is now under stay at home orders, finding educational opportunities outside of a traditional classroom is important. While I can print off my own pre-K science worksheets online, I know (as a teacher myself) that hands-on learning is really important.

That is why I was so happy with Fish Out Germs kit. The box came with clear directions and easy-to-do crafting elements.  My son and I were able to assemble the kit quickly and follow along on a science journey as we did. 

The directions read like a little storybook.  It explained how a common occurrence like falling off of a bike can result in germs infecting wounds.  It created a superhero defender out of a white blood cell who fought the evil invaders in the ouchie by “fishing” them out. The bandages had cute faces on them, but also were able to attach to the velvet wound to show how they help heal wounds.

MEandMine Fish Out Germs PlaysetThe product’s lessons are not just about germs. Through the construction of a fishing pole, my son also was able to explore how gears work and magnets work. This kit also did a great job teaching Michael about his immune systems and how healthy choices like diet, sleep and hand washing can help him defend himself.

Overall, my son was eager to have something special come in the mail and was engaged while we learned about the human body.  The MEandMine Fish Out Germs playset gave us great conversation starters – five year olds are full of questions and the website provided extra printables to reinforce our learning.

MEandMine offers a variety of Body and Emotion kits for kids.  All of the pieces are included and it allows children ages 4-8 great learning opportunities from their own homes. It is also so reassuring to know that these products are designed by educators, pediatricians, and psychologists.

Thank you to MEandMine for sponsoring this post.


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