How to Make a DIY Reward Jar + a Chore Jar for Kids


best reward jar with the word reward on it and sticks inside

I was looking online for suggestions for encouraging the kids to use good behavior. In the past I’ve used a reward system like reward jars which have worked for my kids and have worked for me. Since the quarantine took into effect, my parenting skills have gone down the drain. My priority at first was finding homeschooling hacks, but now it’s turned into parenting hacks, back yard activities, and a DIY reward jar for kids.  Kids like incentive and reward systems, and I’ve found that reward jars motivate them. This is my experience.

It’s been rough.  I’m not going to lie.  Two very active boys under the age of 8 are keeping me on my toes, to say the least.  I’m always looking for things to keep them busy and to keep a normal routine, like having a reward system.  I’ve used reward jars for incentive and they have worked for me.  A DIY reward jar with chores included was the way to go for us.

So, I got back to basics.  We went back to rewarding for the kids positive behavior.  I mean, I’m losing my mind here! I’ve always known that encouragement and rewards have helped for me.  It may not work for everyone, but I find that when I fight with them about chores, say no, or get mad at the kids, it just makes everyone (including me) feel worse.

My idea is to have a reward jar and chore jar in one.  It’s not that chores have to be used as discipline, but I would rather have them pick up the yard than go to their room. The kids already have chores that are not seen as discipline, but requirements. And why not include reward sticks also in the same jar? I enjoy making DIY reward jars but I don’t want a separate chore jar, and a good behavior jar, a consequence jar, kindness jar, and a coupon jar.  I want one jar and an excuse to use washi tape.

I am not a parenting expert. In fact, I know virtually nothing and am actually surprised my kids are still alive! Joking. But I find that a big part of parenting failures and successes are done by trial and error. There has been quiet a bit or error on my part during this crazy quarantine.

DIY items such as rocks, washi tape, popsicle sticks, a container and markers


So, for this 2 in one jar you will need just 5 things; a jar (I used a recycled truvia jar because it’s plastic but some people use mason jars), markers, large popsicle sticks and washi tape and rocks or marbles.

wraping washi tape on reward jar


  • use washi tape to wrap around the jar twice.  You don’t want the kids to see the writing on the sticks. sticks with colored washi tape in front of a reward jar that says chores
  • Wrap the tips of the “chores” side with colors and use marker to write “C.” chore sticks, washi tape and markers in front of a chore jar
  • Add your chores at the bottom of the stick. reward sticks in front of reward jar
  • Flip the sticks over and repeat with “rewards.”
  • Fill jar with rocks or marbles.
  • Insert popsicle sticks.

This was a fun activity because I got to talk to the kids about chores and rewards. It’s interesting to me that they look at arts and crafts as a reward.

Pin for DIY Reward Jar and Chore jar

How do you reward your children? I’d love some more tips!