To Market, To Market: Important Lessons from the Farmer’s Market


I feel very fortunate that even here in Arizona, we have many local farmer’s markets that have the most beautiful fresh produce and other products. Growing up in the South, I have so many memories of road side stands for tomatoes or peaches or boiled peanuts. Yes, boiled peanuts are a real thing. I have vivid memories of my mama stopping to get farm-to-table green tomatoes to fry up. There’s nothing better than a fried green tomato with just a sprinkle of salt and pepper. 

Especially, as of late, I think we all have witnessed the very important superhero status of farmers. The farmer’s market is full of amazing vendors and farm stands with free sampling that would put Costco sample days in the dust.

Recently, I took my little man on a field trip the the Public Market in Phoenix (located 14  E. Pierce St Phoenix, AZ) and we had a super fun day that came with some great lessons for us both.

  1. Having a fun basket and reusable bags makes the experience more fun within the guidelines of sustainability. I have learned a basket is more friendly to fresh breads, eggs, and flowers. Plus, they are super cute. Bringing reusable bags also helps kiddos get in the habit of being more mindful. I use the bags for all produce and fruits.
  2. The farmers on site, as well as any vendor, are so willing to talk to your kids about their process and their purpose. We learned so much while we were there, but I will leave the full mystery for you to discover. However, buying local preserves small farmland, reduces food miles to alleviate air pollution, and puts the money right back to the farmer.
  3. Many refugees use farmer’s markets to provide their goods and services. We learned a great deal from our favorite Nigerian farmers and their American Dream story. Most of these refugees are women and mothers finding purpose on new soil. What a great opportunity to be able to support their dream and their families.
  4. A majority of the foods and products are organic, gluten free, dairy free, and overall healthy. My very picky eater sampled just about everything offered and gave many two thumbs up.

Although there are many farmer’s markets in the valley, I prefer the Phoenix Public Market. We call it a Saturday field trip. We recommend you try a loaf of bread from the Scottsdale Bread Company and have a conversation with the honeybee guy. He will tell your kids all about the importance of bees while you sample of his honey goodies.

One of the greatest lessons we can teach our children is to learn where their food comes from. You will see their eyes grow wide with appreciation. You may even get them to like vegetables.


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