Trusting Connections Nanny Agency Now Hiring Teachers and Childcare Professionals


As the threat of COVID-19 grows, social distancing is the new norm, schools around the country have shuttered their doors and almost all parents have now been asked to work from home to prevent the spread of coronavirus, it is no surprise that Trusting Connections Nanny Agency is experiencing unprecedented demand for childcare services. 

One of the biggest concerns right now – especially for hospitals or companies that deal with essential workers like doctors, first-responders and other life-saving professionals who are essential in the fight against COVID-19 is the need to come up with a solution because their kids are home from school, they do not have childcare options right now and they truly cannot work from home.  It is not just families who are looking for care options.  Trusting Connections is working rapidly to partner with large companies and industry leading organizations to help them weather this storm by offering policies and programs like their corporate child care service, a much-needed benefit right now that provides employees a much greater chance to balance work obligations and home life.  They have several options available to facilitate an expedited on-boarding process for companies. Companies interested in exploring fully-customizable childcare contracts can click here to schedule a 15-minute phone or video call. 

The increasing demand also means that they are ramping up staffing.  Last week, they set up emergency hiring protocols that include virtual interviews. They are in desperate need of teachers or childcare workers who are out of work or anyone else who is able or willing to provide nanny services over the coming weeks.  To learn more about their vast current hiring opportunities visit:

Trusting Connections’ leaders recognize that as a nanny agency and sitter service, their industry is essential to our economy, central to family well-being and is needed now more than ever to help make it so parents can still get to work.  Even in normal times, nannies and those who care for our children have arguably been the unsung heroes and now is no exception.  


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