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Is it just me, or does the word “nanny” have a magical vibe coming from it? The classic Mary Poppins is anything but an ordinary nanny, from her quick and fun clean up abilities to a bottomless carpetbag, who wouldn’t want to have her around the house? And then there’s Nanny McPhee who can turn very naughty children to nice and respectable with a little bit of her magic powers. Now, we know a real-life Mary Poppins likely won’t be flying in with her magic umbrella to your doorstep, but with the right agency on your side, finding that perfect nanny for your family is a spoonful of sugar.


So why should you hire a professional nanny over other childcare options? That’s simple: convenience, control and consistency. Being a parent is not an easy task as it is, but throw in a few realities of our society today and parenting gets even more challenging. A nanny alleviates the parenting load in the sense of providing convenience of in-home care, a feeling of control in your child’s daily activities and a consistency that children crave. 

Having a nanny come to your home eliminates allotting additional time for drop-off/pick-up to a daycare center and activities, various errands or simply having to pack up daily milk, snacks and lunch. A nanny can even serves as someone available to open the door to a repairman for something that might be needed during the day when you’re not available. To top off those conveniences, children are in their own home environment where they feel comfortable and safe.

The desire to have control over your child’s upbringing is a natural reaction as a parent, yet it can also be a daunting reality check without a nanny. A daycare center and its teachers make decisions based off a large group of children, not always being able to accommodate each child’s specific needs. With a nanny, you as the parent have the control over what your child’s daily schedule looks like, what they may or may not eat, what they watch, where they go during the day and what they are exposed to. You have an additional partner in parenting and often a new best friend for you!  Not to mention, a nanny can leave daily reports about the child’s activities and even send you texts with photos of their activities and whereabouts—which is huge peace of mind for any parent.  

The consistency and reliability of a nanny counts most. Many childcare facilities filter through teachers and care providers and move them around as they’re needed, whereas a nanny provides the one-on-one individual attention for your child and is more likely to be long-term and provide childcare up until children reach school age. Consistency in a child’s life is key and having a nanny provides a schedule/routine in addition to opening up a line of communication between the care provider and parent to make sure the child is getting his or her needs met on a daily basis. 

All About Nannies focuses on professional domestic placements including professional full time and part time Nannies, Newborn Care Specialists, Personal Assistants and our specialty:  House Managers! We like to call these professional moms, as they do everything including childcare, meal prep, errands, organizing and more! In addition to our traditional nanny placements, we are so excited to offer a full suite of baby concierge services for new and expectant families.  We have crafted these services for modern families and will work hands on with you to craft a custom baby registry, manage registries, help you pack and prep for your hospital stay, design your dream nursery and prep/organize your nursery. We also offer homemade, fresh baby food prep and delivery for when your little one is ready to explore new foods!   Ladies… let me tell you, these services make amazing gifts for baby showers.  

So, with the confidence of knowing that a real-life professional nanny is possible, and can deliver convenience, control and consistency for you and your family, you might be wondering what are the next steps to finding that perfect nanny fit? Another simple answer: contact All About Nannies! Sure, there are other online sources out there, but All About Nannies (AAN) places only the highest qualified and experienced nannies in Arizona, all while providing a stress-free hiring process. AAN chooses the best candidates based on your custom family profile, absolutely unique to your family’s needs, so that the only thing you have to do is select your perfect nanny. What are you waiting for? Let’s find your family’s own personal Mary Poppins!

With nearly 20 years in business in Phoenix we adore our AZ families!  We are happy to extend an offer to any members of the Scottsdale Moms family. Take $100 off placement fees when you use the code “Scottsdalemoms” in your family application! 

Check us out on Instagram @allaboutnannies, or visit online to get more info. Text or call us @ 602-266-9116, or email [email protected] with any questions you have! 


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