Kids Ride Share to Lighten Your Load


Are you a busy mom trying to be in 20 places at one time? Listen up! I recently tried the Kango App and can you say lifesaver?! Well I can!

Kango App is a kids ride share service that was created by a working mom who found herself needing a reliable transportation solution for her family.

This school year has been quite the whirlwind. We started off with my two kids at our home school down the street and by Thanksgiving we had two kids in two different schools. The other school can be up to 60 minutes in traffic one way. Now picture doing that up to four times a day. Sometimes conflicts arise with my schedule or maybe I just need a personal break from driving all over town.

This is where Kango comes in. From the moment the driver entered my driveway she was all about safety. She insured my son was buckled correctly. She asked him if he wanted music on in the car or not. She truly catered to him for his ride and, best of all, he made it to school on time. Triple bonus that I was able to track the whole ride on GPS. The app also notifies you once your kid(s) have made it to their destination. If necessary, you can even talk to the driver during the ride.

Using Kango is really simple. You just download their app and book a ride. The app is easy to find and available for android and ios, look for the pink kangaroo under ‘rides, childcare and carpools’. Once a driver books your ride, you are able to ask the driver any questions you wish to ask. Kango is so awesome that they are able to provide boosters and car seats if needed. They are also the only ride share for kids service insured to transport children of any age (including those under the age of 5)! Kango also has an thorough system of insuring their drivers are the right fit for Kango by doing background checks, finger printing, reference checks, and vehicle inspection. 

Not only does Kango do ride share, but you also can find a babysitter on their app as well.

Kango is also a great opportunity for moms who now find themselves with a bit of extra time on their hands. Driving for Kango allows you to be part of the solution; driving kids, helping families in your community, and earning extra income at the same time. It’s a win for families and drivers! If you are interested in applying to become a driver, click here.

I am incredibly thankful that Kango was recommended to me and can’t wait to use their service again and again! I give Kango two thumbs up!


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