New Year New Me? Finding Myself Outside of Kids and Work


One of my intentions for the new year (not goals), is to focus on self care. So this morning I took a restorative yoga class at Surya Yoga with our very own Scottsdale Mom Blogger Jennie Love. I would highly recommend this class to anyone needing to reset and reflect. If you haven’t taken a restorative class it’s pretty different from a flow class. During the class you sit and rest in just a handful of poses. As Jennie put it, the poses are designed to hold you.

year, yoga, intentionsNow, not being new to yoga and being a therapist who practices mindfulness, I know that thinking about all of this during yoga does not make for the best practice but I digress. 

The studio at Surya Yoga is beautiful and dark. I thought about how I would love to take a photo and post to instagram. But to which account? Do I post to my friends and family account that is mostly my children, or my business account, which is more professional and less about me. And that’s when two things hit me…

Who am I?

And honestly, why has social media created the space for me to question my identity? 

Am I the photo representation of my children? Am I my work? Between being a mom and therapist I have forgotten who I am. 

There was a moment as we settled into Shavasana where Jennie said, twice, “There is no work to do, there is no effort needed.”

This really hit me. When in my life is there no work to be done? (As I sit here from my messy kitchen with dishes and kid stuff everywhere screaming to be cleaned). When is there a time where no effort is needed? 

My kids are young; I have three, 6 years old and under. During this time it’s not only easy to lose oneself but it is almost a given. Sometimes people ask me what I do for fun and I don’t even know anymore. I like to travel… I tried that with kids over the holiday and it was definitely not what I remember it to be. It’s true what they say, when you travel with kids its a trip and not a vacation. 

So, going back to my intention for myself this year. It is to find myself. To rediscover who I am, independent from my role as a mother and wife and a therapist. 

My restorative yoga class has been the first step. The next is to find one thing I can do each week that is just for me.

Leave me a comment below letting me know what you do each week that is just for you, or has helped you to find yourself. 


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