Adorable Holiday Photo Shoot Set Up


I am a firm believer in keeping things simple and classic for the holidays.  This weekend, I had the opportunity to visit photographer Desirae and her rustic Christmas truck photo set up. 

In previous years, my family has worked with portrait studios and photographers, and the wait time between taking the pictures and getting the access to them was a killer. Part of the process of planning holiday photos was factoring in wait time for a photographer to upload and edit pictures.

In an age where everyone seems to have a cell phone with a camera… why aren’t we doing it ourselves? And if we do it ourselves, how much out of pocket are we spending on backdrops and props?

holiday photo shoot set up

Imagine my surprise when I heard about how easy it is to take great pictures on my own without the workload of creating your own scene!

By using Desirae’s location, my family immediately had beautiful, ready-to-use pictures. Her backdrop is adorable – old fashioned, classic and cozy.

I was able to capture enough charming pictures of my three boys to for all my holidays needs: Christmas cards, DIY ornaments, Facebook profile picture and cover picture, and so on.  I own the rights to all my pictures and can shop online services for printing and gift creation. The compliments on my iPhone pictures have not stopped rolling in!

Desirae charges $20 for fifteen minutes of shooting time.  You take pictures on your own camera (I got great results on my iPhone XS Max). Desirae is right there with you giving you pose suggestions and helping choose phone setting (like special effects, color settings, and zoom). You can contact Desirae via Instagram at

This holiday season, let others ask, “Who is your photographer?” and be able to answer that it was you!


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