IV Nutrition: Where One Mom Found Some Magic

This post is sponsored by IV Nutrition. We hope you enjoy reading about this amazing facility and their services and give it a try yourself!

Being a mom is the best and my children are the joy and delight of my heart.  But I have to be honest and tell you that I am so tired.  I live off of reheated coffee and the crust of sandwiches my little darlings found to be unsatisfactory to consume.  I really enjoy healthy eating and sleep, but I personally find it hard to get the right nutrition and decent amount of sleep I need.  I live in a brain fog where it’s hard to think straight and remember why I entered a particular room.  What’s worse, is that I’ve become a bit of a grouch.  That’s my truth.   

IV Nutrition

Certainly, there is no one quick fix to all that I just shared, but I recently discovered something that made a big impact on me.  IV Nutrition is an IV nutrient drip “spa” that recently opened in the Paradise Valley area and I recently went to check them out.  After talking to the nurse, Heather about how I was feeling and giving her a glimpse into my lifestyle, she recommended a drip therapy, as well as an injection of nutrients that I was likely to be lacking.  I have never done anything like this before and had no idea what to expect but I was so pleasantly surprised!  Heather was amazing and super knowledgeable.  She really took the time to explain the choices available to me and helped me pick out the most beneficial dosage of vitamins and nutrients.  She explained that with a typical diet, even if we perceive it as “healthy,” it doesn’t make up for the deficiencies we experience.   

Those deficiencies explain the brain fog, the fatigue, moodiness, aches and pains.  It could even be the reason why I can never seem to drop the pounds, even when I exercise regularly and watch my calories.  My body was likely depleted of vital nutrients, which interfered with its self-healing capabilities.   

Heather helped customize my injections based on my personal needs and lifestyle, to give just the right combination of high-quality nutrients specifically for me.  One of the injections she recommended was called Magic Mom.  Um, yes, please!  Moms need all the magic we can get!  The benefits from this injection are everything we all want and more.  Increased energy, amp up fat burning, promotes a healthy liver, mood-balancing, influences sleep regulation, blood sugar support, decreases appetite, aides in stress reduction, and is anti-aging.  I mean, that pretty much checks off my list.  How about yours? 

I was honestly blown away with how great I felt after this injection.  My mood and energy level greatly improved and I noticed the improvement for about 7 days.  During that time, I found myself more patient with my boys, I was more productive than normal, not feeling like I was dragging my rear end around. I also found that I wasn’t raiding the pantry at 10pm for chips & salsa or a bowl of cereal.  I really felt like a new person.  Even my husband & kiddos noticed a difference. 

In addition to the Magic Mom injection, Heather also suggested that I add on the Simply Sunshine injection, which is a Vitamin D supplement.  Even though we live in a place with so much sunshine, most of us are still depleted in Vitamin D, which helps us to absorb calcium and other nutrients. Vitamin D also boosts the immune system, protects against many chronic diseases, and is involved in DNA repair.  

I also chose to do an IV drip called the Rapid Repair.  Since my energy reserves were so low as it was, working out or teaching yoga was taking so much out of me. The Rapid Repair infusion is designed to replenish nutrient stores after workouts and alleviate soreness and fatigue while rehydrating and reducing minor post-workout fatigue and inflammation.  This drip contains Zinc, Essential Amino Acids, Magnesium, Vitamin C, Calcium, B12, B1, B2, B3, B5 and B6.  While I was sitting in the very comfortable reclining chair, I could literally feel this wave of “aaaahhh” wash over me.  It only took about 30 minutes for the dose to run through, which is perfect for a lunchtime or busy mama on the go.  

The effects of my treatments lasted for a solid week and as I sit down to write this, I’m on day 8 and still feel less snacky, grouchy and burned out than before.  I really feel like it would be a worthwhile investment into my overall health and well-being to make visits to IV Nutrition a regular part of my life.  Especially for the Magic Mom!  Oh, and dads don’t have to be left out because they also offer a Dynamic Dad injection!   

I really loved my overall experience with IV Nutrition.  The customer service I received was top-notch and so professional.  Heather, the nurse, was so thorough in our consultation.  A very nice gentleman named Armando started my IV and administered the injections.  He also got me all set up in my comfy chair, making sure I was completely relaxed and at ease.  He brought me a blanket, a heated neck pillow and a snack!  The whole vibe of the place was very Zen and spa like.  I highly recommend stopping in for a visit and give that Magic Mom injection a try!  


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