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   make reading fun

The kids have been back in school for a few weeks in Arizona. If you have an elementary student, they probably have a daily reading assignment. If you’re looking for a way to make reading fun after an action-packed summer, consider a Postcard Pal membership for your family.

What is Postcard Pal?

You know the joy you feel when you come home after a long day and see an Amazon box sitting on your door step? Your kids will likely feel the same when they dig through your pile of mail and find a postcard addressed to them. Paco’s postcards are vibrant and the content is perfect for preschool and elementary aged kids.
Postcard Pal is a subscription service that includes an introductory book and a postcard a week for however long you decide to subscribe – from one month to a year and beyond! You can even add on a plush to your order to help the postcards come to life. Each week of your subscription, a new postcard arrives from Paco the Parrot, who happens to be from Prescott, Arizona!
In addition to the postcard, you’ll receive an email with activities that relate to the theme. You can also check out Postcard Pal’s interactive blog and videos to experience more of the adventure. 

Discover Something New

Before my daughter received her “I Am Paco” welcome book, my curious kindergartener had a few questions. The most important being: HOW does Paco the parrot actually write a postcard? Within minutes, she got an e-reply telling her that at first it was hard for Paco to learn how to grip a pencil with his wing, but “with lots of practice, patience, and focus on his penmanship writing is now one of his favorite things.”
This email came just a few days before the start of kindergarten. What a wonderful reminder that sometimes new things are hard, but practice is the key to success.

Make Reading Fun

In addition to encouraging reading in a fun and engaging way, Postcard Pal delivers life lessons and global awareness to your mailbox. Each postcard includes a relatable theme that reads in a conversational way, as if a friend wrote the postcard.

Now that school is back in session, circling sight words on the postcards has been a fun game for my kinder-kiddo. I bet by the end of the year, she’ll know most of the words on the postcards and before too long, she’ll be reading them to me!
As a former teacher and librarian, I know the importance of early exposure to literacy. There’s no better way to get a jump start at school than by making reading fun. 
If adding on one more thing to your routine feels like a bit too much right now, consider asking your child’s teacher if this is something that would benefit their class. Rather than buying another apple mug or crayon wreath, this unique subscription may be a gift they would love sharing with their students.


Thank you to Postcard Pal for sponsoring this post.


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