Benefits of Gadgets in a Child’s Life


Among young mothers, disputes regarding the benefits and harm of gadgets for children do not subside. How can electronics help the development of your baby, and how to organize his acquaintance with a smartphone, tablet, and computer – let’s talk in this article.

benefits of gadgets

If the gadgets lurked only harm, no sane parent would give them to his child. What kind of opportunities open up to small users?

Arguments in favor of gadgets for children

  1. Communicating with gadgets can bring children not only pleasure but also benefit. Modern software developers create applications for children from the age of six months. Read about such useful applications here.
  2. Huge selection of tutorials. If any mother can cope with the task of teaching a child to distinguish colors and shapes, then learning a foreign language can be entrusted to a gadget, especially when parents are not confident in their knowledge.
  3. The ability to quickly and easily find information. Previously, the child had to spend long hours in the library to prepare a report; now a couple of clicks in any search engine separate the child from his goal. Parents of the internet provide an opportunity to answer any of the thousands of “why” crumbs, and not dismiss a difficult question.
  4. The development of fine motor skills. Small fingers run around the screen or on the buttons of the keyboard. And, of course, a certain skill is required here.
  5. The development of logic. To use the gadget, the child must grasp the principle of its operation, find out where and when to press. The development of visual and auditory perception. The kid sees the images and watches them, his brain perceives and processes information.
  6. Faster mastering of information technology in the future. The child, who soon became friends with the tablet, will not be confused at the lessons of computer science.
  7. The ability to use a mobile phone, computer or tablet helps kids to join society faster. After all, today it is difficult to find a person with whom it is impossible to contact by phone or via the Internet.

Introduce your child to modern gadgets, but only do it correctly, guided by common sense. So that electronics do not have a negative impact on health and psyche, minimize the time in front of the screen and do not forget about the joint games and walks, reading and sports.


  1. I really think this article needs an edit to include the American Academy of Pediatrics limits on screen time. Please, please let people know that any more than an hour a day is harmful to children according to the AAP!


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