Lessons from a 3-year-old


http://www.meganandjamesphotography.com/ My oldest is turning four this month. FOUR. I know in the grand scheme of life that is still quite young, but I can’t help but be cliché here and wonder…..where did the time go? I keep thinking about how much he has grown over the last year and wonder if I have gotten the most out of each moment with him. I think we can all benefit from spending some time reflecting on the things our little ones are teaching us, whether intentional or not, so here is a small snippet of the last year with my 3 year old.

Things he attempted to teach me….

  • It’s okay to drool on the floor, just not the couch.
  • Earwax is not germs.
  • The doctor pulls babies out of the mommy’s mouth, or it just crawls out when it’s ready.
  • If you mix chocolate and strawberry, you get caramel cheese.

Yes, those are all his exact words that I wrote down over the last year. A small glimpse into the mind of a three year old.

Things he actually taught me….

To slow down: After being a stay at home mom for a year I slowly started to add more to our days, things that helped me get out and see other adults. Soon I was teaching, writing, taking the kids to playdates, classes and appointments on a daily basis. I said yes to everything and had a total fear of missing out. Then one day my 3 year old woke up and said “Mom, when are we just going to stay home again?” We had stopped staying in our pajamas till 10 and we rarely had time for coloring or playing dinosaurs anymore. He reminded me that they are young and saying “No” is okay, especially when it means more time with my kids and taking a break for all of us.

To be myself: You want to dance and stare at yourself in the mirror during music class? Go ahead! You want to wear the same dino shirt every day for a week? Do it! Kids are so true to themselves and unashamed of who they are. Through his words, stories and acts of pure kindness (and times of selfishness) we have learned so much about the person our son is this last year. I want to be less afraid of what others think or want me to be, and more like him – just being myself whether others care or not.

What have you learned from your children as they have grown? Share with us in the comments below! 


  1. Love this, Jessica! In the Throes of the Threes ourselves, it’s helpful to pause and realize there might be *something* I could be learning from him, too… Thanks for the perspective!


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