Unique Birthday Dessert Ideas (let them not eat cake!)


Are you looking for a unique dessert idea for your child’s birthday? Maybe your kiddo doesn’t like cake or you just want to mix it up this year, here are 5 unique birthday dessert ideas to make your next child’s birthday feel extra special. 

Did you attend our Noon Year’s Eve Event last month? Well, if you did, you saw our Cookie Dough Bar from Edoughble. They sent gallons of cookie dough, and all the toppings (including oreos, sprinkles, m&m’s, and chocolate chips). Add in whipped cream and a few more fun toppings and you can create the cutest cookie dough bar that is so delicious. Check out the Edoughble website so you can drool over all their flavors!

Another super fun and easy idea instead of a cake is to create a donut cake! Especially brilliant if you have a donut loving kid, create a donut themed birthday party cake by stacking the donuts in the shape of a cake and add candles. Done!

I love this donut cake a friend made for her child’s Under the Sea birthday party!  This setup is adorable and who doesn’t love donuts in the shape of a cake!

I have also seen donut walls on pinterest (such a clever use of donuts). But if you are looking for fancy, over the top donuts, visit The Donut Bar for the most fabulous unicorn, Harry Potter, and other themed donuts that everyone will ooh and ah over. Plus they are about the most delicious thing I have ever tasted. But go to the store early, they close for the day whenever all the donuts are sold out. So first come, first served and choices can be limited later in the day. 

We spotted <<<<this sign at our last visit to Cold Stone Creamery. An ice cream bar from Cold Stone would be so fun and easy. They provide the ice cream, toppings, and cups! 

Do you have a gluten free kid or have gluten free kids attending your birthday party? Visit My Gal Sal, they have a gluten free bakery that specializes in making treats for all those that have to stay clear of gluten. Who wouldn’t get excited to have a cake pop, cup cake or brownie if they have to maintain a gluten free diet. Also My Gal Sal is super aware of all the cross contamination issues and maintains a separate kitchen for gluten free cooking. Less stress for parents trying to keep their allergic kids safe!  

Also if you have a sleepover birthday party and want to treat the kids (but are trying to stay away from the high sugar options after little or no sleep) make a cake out of mini plain bagels and set out a variety of cream cheese flavors and sliced fruit for toppings. And let the little ones smear and decorate their own breakfast!

If you are looking for a fun sleepover birthday party, read about our experience with AZ Sleepy TeePee here.     

Or if you want a venue outside of the house, because you don’t want to deal with the mess, check out our Birthday Party Guide here

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Have some fun ideas we should try for unique & creative birthday party desserts? Comment below!


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