Giving Thanks for Special Friends


None of us could survive motherhood without our friends.

Spanning all the way from the fellow sleep-deprived Moms in our toddler playgroups to the other spirited parents on our kid’s high school sports teams, we develop a unique camaraderie with the women and men who spend time in the parenting trenches alongside us.

We commiserate about struggles and share triumphs during each phase of our children’s lives. But the sad fact is that as our children grow up, we sometimes lose friends along the way, as activities change and our lives move in separate directions.
We have to work harder to keep the connections going when our children stop playing on the same team, going to the same school, or living in the same neighborhood. But some friendships are certainly worth the extra effort.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I’d like to thank those friends that are irreplaceable and so cherished.

thankful for friendsThe Positive Friend

Everyone needs this fabulous type of human in their friend arsenal. I’m not talking about a Pollyanna who is always ultra-cheery and denies that anything is difficult in her life. I mean the one who has become wise because of the trials she’s been through. She’s navigated some serious stuff but has learned valuable lessons that she shares with you, without coming off as giving un-needed advice, or telling you how to live your life. I’m so grateful for the perspective and wisdom.

The Friend Who Remembers It All

These thoughtful types seem harder than ever to find these days. We’re all so caught up in our own lives, that most of us don’t have the brain space to remember all our friends’ birthdays and other, big event dates. But cherish the friends who somehow remember all your family birthdays and text you to share in your happiness. Sometimes, all it takes to make a day better is a few cake and balloon emojis, or the perfect meme to make you LOL. I’m grateful for those small but constant remembrances.

The Friend without Kids

Bless the friend who’s always there to help you escape from the craziness of Momville. The one who can get your mind off of carpooling and homework struggles and remind you that life outside of parenting is full of all kinds of cool things that you may have temporarily forgotten about. This friend is extra amazing if she also sits and listens to all the child-raising complaints as well. These friends often love our kids as if they were their own. I’m grateful for their reality-checks and their concern for my children.

The Dad Friend

Let’s face it, in most cases it’s the Moms doing the majority of the younger kid activity stuff, until the kids grow a little older and Dads tend to get more involved in things – especially sports. With a husband who has always traveled for work, I really appreciated the Dad friends who drove to and from practices and games, helped coach my kids, and did things like assist putting on catcher’s gear. (Seriously, why is that so complicated?) I’m grateful for Dads who help raise the village kids.

The Friend in Crisis Who Inspires Everyone

I currently have a friend whose husband is fighting a debilitating disease. She remains the epitome of grace and humor, always finding the silver linings and making others laugh. Whenever I start to feel like I’m having a bad day, I think of her and my attitude changes. I’m grateful for that spirit and example of bravery.

Thank you, my friends.

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Marybeth Bock is a native San Franciscan, who spent 13 years living and working in two European countries and four U.S. states as an Army spouse. (Faves: Germany and Hawaii). She’s been enduring the heat of Arizona for 14 years now with her husband, two adult-ish kids, and one crazy coonhound. An alumna of UCLA (Go, Bruins!), she has a Master’s in Public Health and loves to research and write about all health topics, particularly the mental and physical health issues of adolescents and women. Her writing can often be found on the Grown and Flown and Blunt Moms websites. As a new empty-nester, she is thoroughly enjoying the role of “College Mom”, and is finding more time for crafting, hiking, Happy Hour and travel. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter.


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