Best Presents for Girls {2018 Holiday Gift Guide}


Kids of any age are so difficult to shop for. As the mother of 3 girls, I argue that girls are the hardest, but I am sure moms’ of boys would argue the opposite.  I have lived with years of glitter everything, fads of pineapples, panda bears, unicorns and a variety of “favorite” colors. After so many years of shopping for the girls, I am an expert on what all the kids are talking about at school and what item they are going to freak out about in their stocking. (And if you have some must have girl present that you could share with me, please share in the comments, because I want to keep my cool mom status) 

Here are all the must have presents for girls! 

My girls are obsessed with slides, they want fuzzy slides, rainbow slides, rainbow fuzzy slides and koala slides. Apparently my kids can not have ENOUGH slides, but I don’t really mind, they are easy for them to put on, you can wear them year round in Phoenix, and they are perfect for everything from summer day at the pool to running quickly to after-school activities. These Steve Madden ones with mismatch designs are my favorite!

Slime is a word not allowed in my house. Seriously, I am OVER this fad, but that doesn’t stop my kids from asking for it all.the.time. So of course they have added slime kits to their Christmas lists. I am not excited about this, but it is Christmas (don’t be a scrooge). Plus once they are done making the slime, you can throw it all away once they are back in school after break! I found this Unicorn Slime Kit and Crystal Slime Kit. If you still can’t bring yourself to buy a slime kit, pick up these squishies instead, I even found this squishies advent calendar (so cute!!).   

The two “pricier” items that Santa might bring to my girls (if they are still on the nice list) are wireless ear buds (we will pick this less expensive option though) and hydro flasks (be sure to pick up some RedBubble stickers of their favorite things- these also make great stocking stuffers). 

Here are the perfect stocking stuffers for any young girl.

Add some candy and a stuffed beanie boo, and you are all set!

Bath Bombs (they even have these ones with toys inside)
anything from Bath and Body Works
Fun Twinkle Lights and Twinkle Lights with picture frame clips

Also if you are looking for a local store that has the.cutest.merchandise for every little girl on your list, visit the Unicorn Cupcake Boutique. They have a ton of must have girly items, plus you can buy some cupcakes while you are there. 


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