Homemade PSL Hack: A Tribute to the Man of My Dreams


PSL hackDo you love your Pumpkin Spice Lattes, but hate the price that it comes with? By price, I mean the monetary cost, the extra calories & sugar, and the suspicious artificial  ingredients that just cannot be good for us. The man of my dreams has come up with a PSL hack that is so simple and incredibly delicious that it would be wrong of me to keep it a secret.

My husband is many things.

Kind, loving, loyal, generous, patient, thoughtful, and cool are some adjectives that best describe him. He’s also the smartest, funniest, and most handsome man I know. He’s basically the whole package. He also happens to be painfully frugal. Sometimes his frugality drives me bananas because I’m definitely more of a spender. I enjoy my coffee on the go, especially when the weather turns cooler, but spending that extra couple of bucks sends my fiscally responsible honey into a tailspin.

Because Mr. Wonderful works so hard to provide for our family, I don’t want to disappoint him. But because I’m a sucker for the Fall goodness of pumpkin spice everything, I explained my heart to him. Since my hubby is also a genius, he came up with the most amazing homemade solution to the drive-through PSL, EVER.

The recipe is so simple and doesn’t have anything weird in it so I don’t have to worry about the extra calories or artificial ingredients. So if you’re like me, that’s even more of a benefit to the DIY PSL hack than the cost!

We use a good, old fashioned coffee pot by Cuisinart to brew coffee. My personal barista, who always spells my name correctly, adds 1/2 to a full teaspoon (depending on how many cups) of pumpkin pie spice (from Trader Joe’s) to the coffee grounds before brewing. The brewed coffee is then infused with the pumpkin spice flavoring! I like to add half & half to my cup and just a little drizzle of agave syrup to sweeten it up a bit. Obviously that doesn’t make it a proper latte, but if you prefer to add steamed milk, go ahead and do what you want with your life.

I’m so impressed by my beloved that he came up with this idea. He’s had some other pretty fantastic culinary creations as well. For example, according to him, he’s the original inventor of avocado toast back in the late 70’s. That’s a sore spot for him, though because of the popularity of A.T. He has not been given any credit for creating one of the most delightful and healthy brunch foods of all time. I don’t want to see the same thing happen to him over the homemade PSL. Or PSC if you want to be all technical about it.

On a final note, while it’s true that my husband is absolutely wonderful and amazing, almost too good to be true, let me assure you that he does come with a few flaws. He recently wore socks with Keens to church. But I tend to overlook this shortcoming because of how perfect he is otherwise.


  1. Thanks for the inspiration! I did it this morning. I’ve done it with cinnamon before but the pumpkin spice took it to another level!

  2. Well Scott from Scottsdale, I’ve been doing this for years, but Frugal Mom is high-fiving your geniusness! I love to add a little heavy cream (cause keto) and use my hand milk foamer to create a nice layer of foam on top. Yummo! Oh and a drop or 2 of Thieves EO in the coffee grounds…gitchyousome girlfriend!


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