Restaurants With Awesome Kid’s Menus!


My husband and I really enjoy going out to lunch on the weekends. Once my daughter started to eat solids, I realized that so many restaurants have the same 4 things on their kids menus: Hamburgers, chicken fingers, grilled cheese, or hot dogs. So many of those things are hard for a new eater to eat, not to mention that they aren’t the healthiest of options to choose from. After exploring all over town we came across a few places with AWESOME kid menus that even I was tempted to order off of!

kids menusYard House– Yard House has a large adult menu and their kid’s menu does not disappoint either. They offer things like BBQ chicken, Korean beef, and chicken teriyaki. They have a bunch of sides to choose from too like, jasmine or brown rice, fruit, side salad, or edamame.

Pita Jungle– Pita Jungle is a family favorite for so many! I love that we can create our own kids plate and have so many options available. You can choose a vegetarian route by having cooked lentils, tofu, or hummus. Unique meat options like turkey, chicken or mahi mahi and several healthy veggie/fruit options.

Picazzos– This place is a overall healthy restaurant for the whole family. They touch on most food allergies by offering egg free, whole wheat or gluten free noodles. They also have dishes with Vegan and Vegetarian options. A definite go to for a family with food allergies or diet preferences.

Flower Child– Another super healthy restaurant for the whole family! Their children’s menu allows you to pick a protein (chicken, steak, tofu) plus a healthy side. Their sides are unique including broccoli with parmesan, corn and quinoa, or a healthy fruit mix.

Its always a plus when you can enjoy a healthy meal and feed your children the same!

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