4 Treatments to Help You Feel Amazing After Pregnancy

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Pregnancy, childbirth, and those early months after bringing baby home can really take a toll on your physical body—and your mental health. When you finally get a moment to yourself, you want to make it count. After all, self-care is an investment that should offer a payoff. From establishing good habits to taking advantage of a larger, more substantial treatment, here are our favorites for looking and feeling great after your baby.

treatments after pregnancy

Massages & Relaxing

We know, we know—you’re busy! But even taking 10 minutes for yourself can make a big difference. It’s easier than ever to get out of your head with special guided meditation apps (we like Headspace) that offer individual exercises in increments as brief as 3 minutes. Meditation allows you to check in with your body and your mind, bringing you to the present moment. Regular meditative exercises can actually change your cognitive habits, leading to fewer feelings of anxiety and stress.

For more intense relaxation, nothing beats a professional massage. A qualified massage therapist can work with your body, easing your aches and pains while deeply relaxing you. If you’re new to massage, try a light Swedish style first. This gentle approach melts away tension and leaves you feeling amazing.

Exercise & Eating Well

It goes without saying, but what you eat matters. You know that sluggish, bloated feeling you get after indulging in junk food? It’s not a coincidence. Whether or not you want to make weight loss a priority, it’s never a bad time to treat your body well with healthy, nutritionally dense foods and regular exercise—in whatever form you like. When you feel good physically, you’re better able to meet the challenges of new motherhood.


Feeling good starts with yourself—but external sources can help, too. CoolSculpting is one of our favorite options for high-powered help because it’s a pretty simple procedure. An hour in your doctor’s office is all it takes to freeze fat cells away. Its versatility (it can treat lots of different body parts, nearly from head to toe) and ease makes it incredibly popular with busy moms who want to “touch up” certain areas that tend to retain fat. According to the CoolSculpting website, the procedure can even work on a double chin. You’d be amazed at how such a simple fix can vastly improve how you feel about yourself.

Breast Augmentation

If you’ve had children, you probably don’t need to be reminded of what pregnancy and breastfeeding can do to your breasts. Although it’s the most invasive thing on this list, breast augmentation can restore “the girls” to their former glory, giving you a major boost in confidence. Lots of patients say they enjoy a reinvigorated sex life, too, which can certainly put a spring in your step. The key to an amazing outcome is an amazing surgeon. A local example is Dr. Robert Cohen, a plastic surgeon right here in Scottsdale. His breast augmentation technique is highly personalized, and his aim is to use his extensive knowledge to give patients the amazing results they want. When performed by a qualified surgeon, today’s breast augmentation can create results that last for more than 15 years.


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