SMB Guide to Family Friendly Events In & Around Scottsdale {September 2018}

Thank you Odysea Aquarium for sponsoring our monthly guide.

There’s more to do in September than dust off the pumpkins & scarecrows and sip on PSLs. Our monthly guide for September family friendly events in and around Scottsdale is here.

september eventsFun Fact: Did you know that on average, September 17 is the last day of the year for temps over 100 degrees in the Valley of the Sun? 

September is upon us and maybe, just maybe you can detect the weather is starting to cool down. 

What does being voted Best Kids Indoor Entertainment mean? For our partners at OdySea, it means exploring penguins and otters and sharks!  You can even touch Sting Rays. All indoors! Go and check it out!

Can’t beat a view like this at OdySea Aquarium

What are your favorite family friendly events happening this month? Are there any that I haven’t covered? Please comment below and let us know how you’ll be enjoying the last hot month of the year of September here in Scottsdale.  

Have you joined one of our community groups yet?  

We have two Facebook groups for Scottsdale moms to connect, support and encourage each other. Join a group based on what part of Scottsdale you’re in, North or South. Visit the links below and request to join today! Please feel free to share any events you are aware of that other local mamas should know about, too.  

SMB Community & Connection {North Scottsdale}

SMB Community & Connection {South Scottsdale}

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