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Hey there! Jessica and Angela here {two of the owners of Scottsdale Moms Blog} and we love to share all.those.things that we discover, try and end up truly loving with the Scottsdale Moms Blog readers. This summer, we both moved into new houses….and OMG it is a lot of work (especially with kids!). So if you are planning a move or just thinking about starting to look, check out our favorite things to make the process as easy as possible.  

Angela’s Picks

Tips for Hanging Pictures

Before we moved into the new house, we had the entire inside freshly painted. I love having new, blemish free walls to start our new chapter here. But when it came to hanging all the pictures and decor, I did not want to put nails in the walls! We just paid to get all the nail holes filled in and the walls re-painted, the last thing I wanted to do was mess that up! I bought a bunch of packs of these Command Damage Free Picture and Frame Hanging Strips and they are the best find! I was able to hang almost every picture in my house with these guys. And it has been over one month, and only one picture did not have enough strips and did fall (in the middle of the night and woke the whole house). But I added two more strips and it has been staying put (so my only advice is use more strips then you think).

Even this gallery wall is 90% hung with 3M Command Strips and hooks. And if I change my mind or hand
something crooked, it is super easy to change it up. 

I also hung this heavy chalkboard with 4 sets of hanging strips so I wouldn’t damage the cupboards and it has not budged!

How to buy everything for your house at 20% off

My second top pick for moving is at Beth Bath & Beyond. You know how they have everything you need when it comes to miscellaneous gadgets, organization items, cleaning supplies, and more. Well they also have a membership where you get 20% off every purchase for one full year! It only costs $29 for the year and every time you run out for one more set of hangers, new towels or all the fun kitchen gadgets, you get 20% off your entire purchase. Plus the coupon loads on your phone, so you don’t have to worry about bringing your coupon to the store.  

Jessica’s Picks

I’m going to start by seconding Angela’s first pick – those picture hanging strips from Command have been a life saver! 

Other than that, all you need is professional movers and a father in law that can basically fix or hang anything and you’re set. JK…..kind of. 

My real moving must haves start with coffee. Lots of coffee. I basically packed our entire house and then unpacked a large majority of it after we moved, so there were definitely some early mornings dealing with boxes, packing tape and cleaning of every closet, nook and cranny. This Stok Not Too Sweet cold brew is my new favorite, I’m the type that needs something in my coffee to make it tolerable, and this has just the right amount of sweetness to it without feeling like you’re drinking sugar. I usually find it at Target or Frys. 

A new house generally comes with needing to update all the things. My moving must have for shopping has been Wayfair.com. They have everything you could possibly need for your new home and options in all sorts of price ranges. Plus, free shipping over $49 and the items I ordered came super fast (some in just a couple days). These bar stools are my favorite find so far. 

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