FOMO is Real while I send my oldest to preschool


oldest to preschoolAt the beginning of summer my “neighborhood mom group” was out to lunch together and someone asked me the plans for my oldest come fall. I told her where we were sending my oldest to preschool, our schedule and our teachers with a big smile on my face. She said she was excited for him but couldn’t imagine me without him at daily play dates. It hit me hard in that moment. I’m going to have to let go… and my heart is breaking.

For four years I have had a side kick, a best friend, a helper, and a confidant from dawn until dusk. I know my son will grow and thrive and love every second of school, because let’s be honest what’s NOT to love about preschool, but as much as I am so incredibly happy for him, I am so incredibly sad inside.

I love every second I spend with my kids (even the not so good seconds) and I am having some major FOMO. I will miss seeing him during some of his first experiences and the look on his little face of “mom I did it!” I will miss the little things throughout the day, the mindless chatter and the constant noise throughout the house. The lazy part of me will miss the lounge days, the stay in jammie days, because we are now on a real schedule.

Nobody told me the term “growing pains” applies to mom too.

I know some of you can relate, whether your child is off to preschool, kindergarten, or college, so give me a wave if you see me sniffling in the parking lot… and those who have been here I welcome the advice.