Your First Day of Kindergarten


kindergartenAs we approach the beginning of Kindergarten, I want to tell you how proud we are of you!  You have grown so much and it is hard to believe you are spreading your wings a bit more each day. I feel like it was just yesterday we welcomed you into this world and now you are heading to kindergarten. Where did time go?

You are now ready for a new adventure and you are not alone. Daddy and I will be there every step of the way, to encourage you and root for you. We are your biggest fans and we cannot wait to watch you grow and learn new things and become the person you are meant to be.

We know it is a huge transition and it is okay to be nervous or scared, but know that you can do this! It may seem overwhelming to leave your friends behind and start in a new school but I assure you, you will find friends who love you for who you are. They will all be new in school, just like you. Just be yourself and you will win them over.

In some ways, we are similar and find social situations overwhelming and walking up to new people and introducing yourself and making new friends does not seem as natural as it does to others, but sometimes we just have to be brave and try to be outgoing and reach out to people. You may just find your new best friend! I promise to do the same thing with your classmates’ parents. We will do this together.

Do not be afraid to try a new sport or a new extra-curricular activity. You will only find your passion if you try new things. If you try tennis and you do not like it or you do not strive at it, it is perfectly okay. You gave it your best and that will make us just as proud as if you were the best tennis player in the world. To us you are PERFECT in every way.

Be friendly to everyone. If you see classmates playing by themselves, invite them to play with you. You may be the one playing by yourself one day and I my wish is that someone notices and invites you to play with them.

Be true to yourself, if a friend is doing something that you do not agree with, do not do it. Do not let anyone pressure you into doing something you do not want. If they are your friends, they will understand; if not, they are not your friends.

Please remember to always:

Be kind

Be respectful

Be a good friend

Be honest


Above all, have fun and enjoy every moment!

You will have an amazing school year and we are excited to see what the future has in store for you.

Happy first day of Kindergarten my love!


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