Teaching Children to Give and Fighting Entitlement


children give backSummer is here! I’m already checking the summer camp schedules, the Vacation Bible School schedules, and activity calendars. My little ones do better if we have something to look forward to each week. In addition to the usual rotations, I also try to use our free time to help others. There are so many amazing charities around the valley. Here are just a few that our contributors recommend:

St. Mary’s Food Bank:

A few weeks ago, I attended a dinner hosted by Fry’s Food Stores, prepared by the St. Mary’s Food Bank Community Kitchen. I will forever be changed because of that night.

I walked in and buffet dishes were set up with an incredible variety of food.

What I didn’t expect was to learn that our meals were prepared by people who face barriers to employment. These students have entered into a 12 week voluntary, unpaid program gain the skills to get jobs offering livable wages, benefits, and opportunities for advancement through hands-on food service training as well as classroom studies.

It was incredible! Here is how to donate to St. Mary’s Food Bank: https://www.firstfoodbank.org/give/

Boots in the House:

“Boots in the house” is an exciting term military families use when they are announcing their family member is coming home or is currently home! This wonderful organization does many things for past, present, and future service members and their families, including sending care packages to deployed troops. My family had the pleasure of volunteering with them earlier this year during their Valentine’s Day packing party. This was a wonderful opportunity that even our three year old daughter loved participating in. Their set up included coloring stations for the kids as well as the chance to help count candy and fill bags. We were thrilled to provide her with the opportunity to give back to our service members who sacrifice so much for us. Boots in the House is currently 100% volunteer-based with 100% of donations going directly to their outreach programs. Like and follow their business page on Facebook for upcoming events and updates on how they support our military service members: www.facebook.com/BootsInTheHouseUSA 

Families Giving Back:

Families Giving Back is an amazing organization started by two local moms that provides a wide variety of family-friendly volunteer opportunities offered from local non-profits. The website has many resources on volunteering and great home projects that allow children to give back to people in the community.

To inspire and help families volunteer together; and by doing so, help raise compassionate, socially conscious children who understand the importance of giving to others.

Our vision is a community where families with children of all ages can make a positive impact in the community, becoming closer as a family and making volunteering a way of life.

Arizona Helping Hands

Arizona Helping Hands, Inc is an amazing organization that supports children newly placed into foster care.


What other amazing charities should our contributors know about?


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