Mom Life Just Got Easier with Dream Dinners

Thank you Dream Dinners (Scottsdale) for having us in to make a meal for our family!

What’s for dinner?!? 

How many times a week do you dread that question? Dream Dinners is here to make that one less thing for you to think about. They take the stress out of meal planning, grocery shopping and cooking. It’s basically the ultimate mom hack. 

How does it work? 

Go to the Dream Dinners website and reserve a time to come in. While making your reservation, you can choose the meals you would like to make (be sure to check out their first month special!) in 3 person or 6 person quantities. Each month the menu changes and there is a great variety of meals and options to choose from. Then you just show up and get to work assembling your meals for the month. All of the ingredients are ready at your station, with clear measurements and instructions on how to put it all together. You can adjust seasonings or ingredients according to your families tastes and allergies. It is so simple and quick! We each assembled our meal in less than 10 minutes. 

The meals are meant to be taken home and frozen. When it’s time to eat, simply take you frozen meal out and follow the simple instructions to get dinner on the table. Dream Dinners also sells extra frozen sides, sweets and pre-made dinners to customers who come in to make meals. 

Dream Dinners is obviously great for having planned out and easy meals on your table, but they also make great gifts for new moms or a substitute for meal trains to help a mom needing some extra support.  

They have several locations around the valley, take a look at their menu and start making meal planning easy! 


  1. I had a great time and now I’m hooked! I just made 6 more meals for my family last week in under an hour. We’ve had 2 of the meals already and my family loved them! Thanks for hosting us and introducing me to Dream Dinners!


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