Thank You Mom!


This is probably the most important thank you note I could ever write… yet I can’t quite find the right words. I’m talking about the amount of gratitude I have toward my mother, especially now that I am a mom. The two little words, “Thank You,” just don’t seem to be big enough. Of course growing up I was always gracious for everything my parents have done for me, but there IS SO MUCH MORE! It’s the behind the scenes stuff that went unappreciated, that I NOW know were BIG things too.

I can’t begin to list them all, but I’ll start with a BIG Thank You for all the sleepless nights.

Thanks for the nights you stayed up with me if I was sick or let me tuck in with you if I was scared.

Thank You for the comfort on those long nights when I KNOW all you wanted to do was just sleep. (I should also take this moment to apologize for all the puke and snot wiped on you as well, because I know you probably just wanted a shower… alone.)

Thank You for worrying about me (And I know now that I am an adult, you still worry at times) it’s exhausting, I get it.

Thank You for always listening to me no matter how ridiculous the rant, then and now.

Thank You for hauling us around, making sure the fridge was full, lunches packed, clothes were cleaned and dinner served- at the table -as a family -every night.

Thank You for being a human calendar, late night tutor and later in life, a therapist.

Thank You for taking my phone calls (now texts) always and at any hour.

Thank You for putting us first endless times.

Thank You for ending every conversation or visit with “I love you.” I’ve never questioned how much I am loved and will continue that with my sons.

Thank You for being my tour guide, taking us all over the world on trips that were truly life experiences. On that note, thanks for encouraging us to travel, and never saying “no” when the opportunity arose.

Thank You for being my biggest cheerleader. If I was on the fence, you’d push me to give it a try because, “What’s the worst that can happen?” If I was feeling deflated you always pump me back up. You told us “If you can dream it you can do it”… and we did (still are.)

And of course Thank You for being the BEST Grammie to my boys.

So, as Mother’s Day approaches a huge shout out “THANK YOU!” to all OUR moms and since you’re probably not hearing it now, a big THANK YOU to you too! I can just hear my mom’s voice in my head; “Beth you NEVER have to thank me, now that you’re a mom you know that”

She’s right. But I still tried.

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I am a stay at home Boy Mama to Hunter & Duke- the loves of my life! These days it seems we are non-stop busy busy BUSY! I was born in Chicago but grew up and still live in North Scottsdale. (I lived in San Diego for a couple years in between & still spend a lot of time there). For 17 years (before having my boys) I worked as a TV News Producer/Reporter. I am blessed I still get to keep my foot in the door and freelance at the station every once in a while. My hubby Scott and I try to plan some sort of "adventure" every weekend to get out & about with the boys whether in town or out, but I must admit I love nothing more than curling up with a good book and a cozy blanket! I am always looking for a good book recommendation- so please send it on over!


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