Showing Teacher Appreciation All Year


May is when we celebrate our teachers. It’s a special time to thank them for everything they have done for our children all year. Just like we challenge ourselves to be thankful all year, not just on Thanksgiving Day, our family tries to show teacher appreciation all year.

Here’s a list of ten ways that you can show teacher appreciation throughout the year:

  • Send an Email: Give a specific example of something they do that makes the classroom wonderful. Extra credit if you cc the principal.
  • Send a Card: Teachers love thoughtful cards from their students. Take some time to be specific in the note to the teacher. Extra credit if the card is homemade.
  • Surprise Snack: Send a favorite drink or treat on a random day. Extra credit if it’s coffee on a rainy indoor recess day.
  • Supplies: We’re all familiar with the back-to-school supplies list. However, many teachers have a wish list all year long. Extra credit if you bring in something that directly benefits the teacher.
  • Book Fair: Did you know that your child’s school earns free books with every purchase you make at the book fair? Help your child’s classroom, while expanding your home library. Extra credit if you buy the class a new book, too.
  • Listen: Pay attention. If a teacher mentions the classroom library is getting sparse, pick up some new books. Extra credit if you check out the Library’s used book sale. You can find books in excellent condition, sometimes as cheap as $0.10!
  • ASK: Find out how you can help make the teacher’s day easier; whether that’s volunteering your time or something else. Extra credit if it’s something your child can assist with.
  • Celebrate: Find out when the teacher’s birthday is and remind your child to wish them a happy day. Extra credit if you send the teacher’s favorite treat to share with the class.
  • Buy Lunch: Send a gift card for their favorite restaurant. Extra credit if you ask for their order and have it delivered at lunch time.
  • Be Supportive: A good school experience starts with your child’s classroom teacher. Be uplifting when you talk about school and teachers. Set the tone for how you hope your child perceives school.

If you’re looking for some more ideas, here’s a list of Gifts that Teachers Really Need.


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