Code Ninjas can teach your kids how to communicate with 7 billion people in the world!

This is a sponsored post for Code Ninjas. We hope you enjoy learning about their new program!

Arizona’s first Code Ninjas is ready to open the doors to their Scottsdale community!

Code Ninjas teaches kids how to think like a programmer and not a programming language.

At Code Ninjas, kids learn the most important skills for the future – computer codingApple CEO Tim cook believes learning how to code is more important than English as a second language. So what is coding? Coding is a step-by-step instruction that tells computer what to do. Our cars, TV, smart phones and even microwave are run by codes. There are hundreds of programming languages, and it is impossible to master them all. Even the most widely used computer languages today might be dinosaurs tomorrow, hence Code Ninjas teaches kids how to think like a programmer and not a programming language.  By the time that a child reaches the end of the program, he or she will have learned the whole software development life cycle – from conception to development of 3d games.

Kids Have Fun, Parents See Results®

Kids love Code Ninjas edutainment strategies. Code Ninjas Scottsdale owner, Jason Sym said the entire program is gamified and described it learning to code is a lot like sneaking vegetables into your kid’s cake. Code Ninjas has a Parent DOJO program which allow parents to see a daily report or logging in to their website, they have the control to get as much or as little information as they choose.

Drop-in Style Scheduling available

Code Ninjas has flexible scheduling that allows kids to come in any time between 3–7pm, as their schedule permits.code ninjas

Fun doesn’t stop at our after-school program

Code Ninjas also offer other fun-filled STEM activities.  Kids get to learn about teamwork, logic, math, and problem solving just like our core program!

  • Birthday Party:

Code Ninjas Grand Opening will be on 5/20/2018 Sun from 10am -2pm. They will have raffles of fabulous prizes like an Xbox, a birthday party gift certificate ($350 value), a summer camp gift certificate ($275 value) and more! Your children will have the chance to play Scratch games, Minecraft, Roblox, robot fight and more. 

To learn more information about their grand opening, summer programs, and more be sure to follow them on Facebook and Instagram social sites.  



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