ZipSit is your new favorite app {Never worry about babysitters again}

This is a sponsored post for ZipSit, we know you will love this app!

Remember the days when you could head out to dinner or have drinks with friends on a whim? me neither. Now we have to plan weeks ahead, call or text all the girls we have on our sitter list, pray that one of them is actually free the evening you want to go out, and then don’t forget to grab cash to pay them when you get home! 

ZipsitWhat if I told you you could eliminate all of that stress?? Enter ZipSit. Your new favorite app. 

ZipSit was developed here is Scottsdale, but can and is used all over. It is a free app that allows you to schedule sitters, find new sitters, and even pay your sitter. It was recently names one of the 10 best tech start ups in Scottsdale

Parents love that it’s flexible. You can schedule weeks in advance, or put job on the app for a spur of the moment night out or last minute appointment! And you get to decide how much to pay the sitter. When booking your job, put in your hourly rate, and the sitter can see how much they will get paid for the job before they accept. Select from your circle of favorite sitters, or put a job out for new sitters to see and connect with someone new. 

Sitters love that it’s convenient. It takes away the awkward exchange of money at the end of a sit and a lot of the uncertainty that comes with babysitting. All the information they need is right in the app, the address, the kids age, their names, how long the job is expected to be and how to contact the parents. They can choose the jobs that work for their schedule and do it all on the go from their phone. 

How do you know which sitter will be a good sitter? It’s all about the SitScore – this is an innovative review system that gives parents an unbiased assessment of a sitters performance, experience, activity and success through ZipSit’s own algorithm. You can add the sitters you love to your “favorites” list, and follow friends to see who their favorite sitters are to find even more sitters that you will love! (Inviting new families can earn you $20 credit towards your next sit!) 

Already have a great sitter? Tell them to join ZipSit! Send them an invite through your app (which will also earn you a $20 credit!) Then you can continue to use that wonderful person, but now can schedule and pay them through the app. 

We are so excited to have ZipSit as our co-title sponsor of our  Wild About Mom event next month! If you want to talk to them in person, be sure to stop by their table to get more information. 


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