BFF’s in My Head


Ok, I know I am not alone in this, I call them “besties in my head.”

InstagramYou’re up late at night… early morning (diaper change, bottle refill, etc…..#momlife) and you find yourself scrolling through your phone, down a deep dark Instagram hole, clicking on people who know people, who know people. I end up watching “stories” of people’s lives unfold, people I don’t even know!! I tune in to watch like my own little reality show. I kinda feel stalker-ish because again, I don’t know them- we have never met, but here I am watching intimate details of their lives. I know their dog’s name and their Starbucks drink! Here’s what I DO KNOW, if we met in real life….we’d be BEST FRIENDS because with every “insta story” I am like “yah girl, me too,LOVE it!!”
So, with that being said I want to introduce you to three of my “besties in my head.”

@livingwithlandyn is a gal living in Nashville who I stumbled upon, I don’t even know how because as far as I know she has no ties to AZ. She has THE BEST commentary when it comes to everyday life. A little background, she married her 8th grade sweetheart and has two kids. She talks about everything from school pick-up to her closet remodel (which my bff and I were glued to-yes I turned her into a “fan” too) and now the latest, her keto diet. She takes us into the dressing room for her fashion picks. She shares her favorite recipes and shows us how to make them (not like I cook like that, but it’s nice to dream.) Her design and décor style is top notch and she shares all her budget friendly finds. She is the kind of gal you just wanna have a glass of wine with and talk about “all the things.”

Through her I clinked onto my other “bff in my head,” @calliedauler. To me we all should have a “friend” like her in our lives. She is CEO of the “Good Vibe Tribe” so don’t even think about leaving a mean comment on her page. Her back story, she is married to a radio DJ in Atlanta and is the right hand gal to HLN’s Robin Meade. Side note: Robin’s show legit kept me sane through my early morning feedings with my first born, when I was in a sleep deprived daze and didn’t know what day or what time it was, if Robin came on while we were “up” I knew the end was in sight because my hubs would be awake shortly for work and could take over “duty” for at least a 20 minute break. Callie is honest and truthful and tells it like it is, but always leaves it on a positive note. Her energy is real and I LOVE her love for her dogs. It is so relatable, I mean weren’t we all obsessed with our fur babies before our babies? She is always good for a fun story, recipe or good fashion find AND I am so envious of her hair! As a former morning shift/show worker, this gal speaks MY language.

Ok, lastly cue your inner OCD, my last “bff in my head” is @thehomeedit. Watching these IG stories may have you up late at night reorganizing, labeling or binning- no joke. These gals are organizers for the stars but their commentary is so “us.” I laugh (out loud) at the sassy commentary and day to day mom life. They are also based in Nashville (hmmm… I am seeing a trend here… maybe I have some inner Southern Belle roots.) The obsession for rainbows and unicorns is real, as well as the love for Roberta (tune in to see what that means.) One of their latest projects was Mandy Moore’s pantry (This is Us, or if you’re in my age range the hit song “Crush.” Enough said. )

Who else finds themselves finding new bff’s through social media? Any favorites I should follow along with as well? 


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