10 Simple Ways to Celebrate Earth Day with Kids


  1. Go for a walk: around your neighborhood, at a park or on a trail. Talk about what they see and how nature is important to our world. 
  2. Pick up litter: get a garbage bag and some gloves and go to town. This is also a great opportunity to talk about the effects humans have on the earth and why what we do with our wrappers and old stuff is so important. 
  3. Collect nature for a craft: maybe is blades of grass or flower petals, whatever they find bring home and make tracings or glue into a collage. 
  4. Plant something: It can be as simple as flower seeds in a cup, or more complicated like a tomato plant outside. 
  5. Reuse: Take a milk container and turn it into a planter or a paper towel roll and turn it into a telescope! Let them get creative with reusing before something gets thrown away. 
  6. Recycle: Look through your pantry or around the house and discuss which items should be recycled and how this helps the earth. 
  7. Read a book: take a trip to your local library or bookstore and find books focused on the earth. This is also a great time to relax and bond with your kids. 
  8. Pack a lunch: find all of the reusable containers you have and talk about how these help keep waste out of landfills. Get ahead of the game and pack your lunch for tomorrow with said containers. 
  9. Save water: make signs to post near the sinks about turning the water off when it’s not in use, like brushing your teeth. 
  10. Get organized: with your kids, go through toys, clothes and books and decide which items they don’t need anymore that can be donated to be reused again by someone else. 


  1. I think these are all great, easy-to-incorporate ideas (that would actually be good for a lot of us to practice). It’s wonderful to take these opportunities to connect with kids on important matters.


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