What we’re talking about….{April Edition}


Hey there! Jessica and Angela here {the owners of Scottsdale Moms Blog} and we love to share all.those.things that we discover, try and end up truly loving with the Scottsdale Moms Blog readers. So we are going to try a monthly-ish post that highlights a few of the new things that we are currently obsessing over!

Angela’s Picks

1) I love spices. Maybe I have a problem buying every.single.spice at the store. But I hated keeping them in the cabinet in my kitchen. They would get knocked over, they were never organized, and I could never find what I was looking for. It was such a problem that I would end up buying multiples of the same spice just because I could not figure out exactly what was in my cupboard.

A friend told me about how she had dedicated one drawer in her kitchen to all those spices and I decided to give it a try. So it was not easy to give up a kitchen drawer, but it is totally worth it! I used these inserts and completely organized all of my spices. This has seriously changed my life. I use the spices more. I can find everything so easily. And I am obsessed with my new spice drawer. Also I am at capacity, so I can’t buy any more spices. This is probably for the best!

2) I am already obsessed with tea. I like hot tea, I like iced tea, and I will drink it all day long. Recently I found this delicious Tazo glazed lemon loaf tea at Target {and I have also seen it at Fry’s Foods}. This tea is delicious. It really tastes like a lemon loaf. It helps me stay on track of less sugar because it is like dessert in a tea. If you find it at the store, please don’t buy it all cause I need a constant stock of this tea.  

3) Moroccan Oil Mending Infusion is my new favorite hair product. Actually, all of the Moroccan Oil products are my favorite. I bought this one at the Kierland Westin Agave Spa, and if you are an AZ resident you get a discount on  product and services on Wednesdays! The Moroccan Oil products are pricey, but so worth it!  

Jessica’s Picks

1) Red Lipstick, like really red lipstick. I used to never wear anything other than basic chap-stick or maybe some tinted lip gloss. Last year I decided I wanted something different for special nights out and bravely bought something new that was R-E-D. I loved it. I’ve bought several other tints since then, my favorite being this Lancome version in Isabella. 

2) Another new favorite thing of mine, light up toothbrushes! I found these at the store a few weeks ago, you just press the button on the front and the toothbrush blinks for 2 minutes so that your child knows how long they should be brushing their teeth. 


  1. Loving this feature, ladies. Tazo is always a go-to for tea and I had no idea they were now branching out into the baking aisle (sort of). That lemon loaf tea sounds positively delicious and like they perfect way to curb a sweet-tooth craving. Love a bold power shade. Hard to ignore a fabulous red lip.


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