Easy Storage Solutions for All the Kids STUFF!


How many times have you looked around your house and just noticed STUFF everywhere? How many time have you done it just this week? I am trying to reduce the stuff around our whole house, but the kids toys seem to be the hardest and worst of it. We do regular purges of toys, but I wanted some better, easy storage solutions for all of the things they have. These are some of my favorite products that were fairly inexpensive and helped reduce the clutter. 

Stuff ‘n Sit – There are lots of stuffed animals around our house and my kids actually do play with them and love them. The problem is, they are hard to contain. I found this Stuff ‘n Sit chair on amazon and it’s so great! It’s essentially a bean bag chair cover that you stuff all of the animals in (and it fits a lot!), zip it up, and then it is a functional chair for kids to sit on. 

Can we talk about LEGOS for a second? They are everywhere. Like, literally everywhere. When my kids started asking for them, I really had no idea what to do with all of the tiny pieces that were taking over my house. My solution: I got this great toy box from Target that has a hard, flat top, and a bunch of small plastic bins. The LEGOS are sorted into the containers and my kids use the top of the box for a table to play on. The LEGOS (hopefully) won’t leave the room and the mess would stay contained. 

Kids clothes – My youngest has a really small room, a large dresser just wasn’t an option. I wanted something that was, again, functional, as well as storage for clothes. I found this simple bench that has storage inside it as HomeGoods and knew it would be perfect. Granted, he is young, so his clothes are still small – but it works perfectly to store his clothing, and then we close it and it’s seating when we are playing in his room. 

And that’s it! Nothing necessarily life changing, but simple solutions that are a little out of the norm for some of the kids things that over take the house. What are your simple storage solutions?? 

easy storage solutions


  1. I love the multi-purpose functions of all the pieces. The stuff and sit looks like a great versatile option. Storage benches are one of my favorite things to see in a room. When it comes to kids having pieces that double as storage are key. Great suggestions.


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