Easy Crockpot Meals for the Family

Growing up in the midwest, everyone knew that when winter rolled around it’s time to bring out your crockpots! I remember as a kid, my mom would make my favorite vegetable soup in a slow cooker and the delicious smell would fill the house. Even till this day when I make my soup, the smell brings me back to the cozy fall and winter memories of my childhood coming home from school and sitting by a fire. I’ve used a crockpot for most of my adult life, since it’s an easy and a simple way to prepare a dinner. With an 11 month old crawling around an easy meal is my saving grace. Besides making soups and roasts, I LOVE cooking different chicken recipes that make the meat so tender and easy to pull apart. My hubby finds it funny how picky I am when it comes to the way I like my chicken cooked. I guess you can say I’m a chicken snob, hahaha! For these dishes you can buy any type/brand you like, I just buy the packaged trimmed breasts at Fry’s. These are my favorites:
Chicken with Salsa: So simple and easy! All you need is your chicken and any type of salsa you enjoy. 
Chicken with Italian Dressing: Marinate your chicken in the dressing and let it cook for as long as you like.
Chicken with marinara sauce: After the chicken is done I like to mix it with pasta or add a side of veggies.
Also, I like to buy various kinds of Campbells sauce mixes that are simple to throw in and puts a twist on dinner. My hubby is a fan of the sweet and sour and teriyaki.
Here is my preparation:
1.Prepare the chicken
2. Season and add the sauce
3. Cook to your desired time
What are some of your favorite, easy, crockpot meals?

Jessica Joas is a native of Detroit, Michigan where she received a Bachelors in Journalism and Broadcasting from Wayne State University. She moved to Scottsdale 8 years ago to pursue a career in marketing and to escape the cold Michigan winters. She married her soulmate,Tony, in 2015 and left her career as a Marketing Director to become a mom. As parents of two angel babies, they were beyond blessed to welcome their 7 month old rainbow, Sedona, in February 2017. She loves spending time with her beautiful family, Fall in the desert , Bravo,being a mommy blogger, her Starbucks and chasing after Sedona.


  1. Love these suggestions. The slow cooker is hands down one of the best appliances to have in a busy kitchen. Chicken with Italian dressing comes out so tender and flavorful, so many uses for it!


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