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Do you have a child who could use a little extra help in math? As a parent of 3 children, I have found that each of my kids has a very different learning style. One of my kids has always struggled in school, and even though her grades have always been good, she has low confidence when it comes to math and math concepts don’t click the first time she learns new material. We started Mathnasium and we are excited to share our experience with all of you!

If you have not heard of Mathnasium, it is a math center with onsite tutors that help coach your child. When we first visited the Mathnasium center, they tested my child to see where she falls in relation to where she should be based on her grade level. Once her math strengths and weaknesses were identified, a learning plan was created to specifically guide her through concepts she was not grasping on her own at school. As she moves through the Mathnasium program, I see her becoming more confident in her math skills.

Watching this growth is going to help her in the classroom, not only this year, but in future years since these math concepts repeat and build through the academic years. If we don’t fill those gaps she has now, it will only get harder and more frustrating for her as she gets to algebra and calculus and beyond! 

The great thing about Mathnasium is that you can visit the center once a day, as many times during the week as needed for your child. Each time your child visits, they have specific math worksheets to complete. Once they finish the worksheets, they have time to work on their math homework, all with the math tutor ready to help them. This two prong approach to helping your child is really what we needed to help her develop the confidence she needs. I also appreciate someone else helping her with her homework, because this can be one of the more frustrating parts of our daily homework routine!

Mathnasium strives to teach your child to love math. How fantastic is that! They use rewards and fun activities that keep our children excited to come back again and again.    

There are several Mathnasium Centers located around the valley. They have programs available for every grade level, elementary through high school. You will find that it is easy to schedule your appointments right on their website.



  1. Helping with homework is one of those things (most) parents really want to do but at some point it can prove tricky, and some subjects (like math) can prove extremely upsetting for parent and kiddo alike. Resources like these are fantastic to know about.


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