Top 10 of 2017


We love getting to share our thoughts, advice, and experiences with you each year. Scottsdale Moms Blog is truly written by local moms who want to create a place for other moms to find connection and understanding of this stage of life. 2017 was another wonderful year full of posts. In case you missed some, here are the top 10 most viewed posts this year…..whether you are reading them for the first time, or re-reading for the tenth time, we hope you find something new and interesting. And as always, THANK YOU for following along with us. Happy New Year! 

top posts
#1 What to do if your child is stung by a scorpion 

#2 The head lice prevention tips that every parent should know 

#3 The best Mexican restaurants in Scottsdale 

#4 The Strawberry Inn 

#5 The best advice my pediatrician gave me

#6 Scottsdale Preschools 

 #7 Mom tribes after the baby years 

#8 The appliance that changed my life: Instant Pot 

#9 An open letter: To the mom of the good kid, from the mom of “that” kid 

#10 How minimalism saved my sanity 

Which post was your favorite??


  1. I’m so glad you guys put this together. I definitely missed a few good ones and I’m looking forward to going back through the archives. I think 2018 might be the year of the Instant Pot!


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