Cookie Cutters Haircuts for Kids of Scottsdale {Giveaway}

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Last week, Cookie Cutters agreed to cut the hair of all five of my cuties! We arrived at 4 pm, and by 4:45 pm we were all walking out with smiles, balloons, and snazzy haircuts. The speed and ease was especially welcomed because this was Mary Alice’s and Sebastian’s first hair cut. Yes, Mary Alice is two and has not had a haircut, but those curls were just so stinkin’ cute; however, I was to learn that they could be even cuter with a great trim! 

Cookie Cutters is in a wonderful location! It is in the Cine Capri parking lot at Scottsdale Road and Mayo, so there are plenty of places to grab a bite, catch a movie, and shop with your kids.

Let me tell you a little bit about the staff. They were so fast and smiling the entire time. Haircuts for kids can but stressful, but they were patient to the kids and soothing to this anxious mom. When people are serving my children, I tend to feel overwhelmed. I don’t want it to be a hassle and I’m holding my breath, hoping that the kids behave perfectly. When Sebastian decided after 57 seconds that he was done, the stylist was so calm. We took a little break and then went right back to it. The haircut was probably three minutes long, total, and looks amazing! I know a lot of us put off getting their haircut until they are older. It was long enough that it was getting in his eyes. His hair is fine and straight as a board. Now, he looks so handsome and his hair is out of his way. 

Mary Alice’s hair is fine and curly. I’ve never had a little one with tight curls, so I’ve been blindly trying to figure out how to care for her hair. She taught me how to comb it, when to comb it, and what products would help me keep it tangle and tear free. I so appreciated her taking the time to teach me. 

They have a little playground that was perfect for Mary Alice and Riley while I concentrated on Sebastian.

After my littles were done, Julia (17) and Nate (14), both had cuts. I love a place that can do everyone at once! They even offer mom cuts! 

When I was checking out, the owner, Leasa, handed me sealed locks of Sebastian’s hair and Mary Alice’s hair. She heard me telling them it was their first hair cuts and made sure that I had some to save, if I wanted. It was so incredibly thoughtful! I had been so anxious about having all five cut at once, I had forgotten to mention wanting to save any. 

We will definitely be heading back for our haircuts from now on. 

A special offer for readers of Scottsdale Moms Blog: first time customers half-off a KidsCut!

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Contest runs through December 30th, winner will be notified shortly after. Open to AZ residents only.


  1. My boys got their first haircuts when they reached mullet status. I cried at my oldest’s first! My middle has thin straight hair too so it happened early. I have no plans to cut my little girl’s hair any time soon (she’s 5 months currently).

  2. Following both. My husband thinks our 14 month old son is due NOW but I’m not quite sure if my little guy (or I) is really ready just yet ?.


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