My babysitter is booked, now what?


It’s that time of year where our calendar has just been filled up! Between fall parties and holiday get togethers, our little family IS BOOKED until the New Year- for reals! Some of these gatherings are adult only (yay partayyyy!) BUT, I ran into a problem…..babysitting.

Usually we recruit a grandma, but they are just as busy this time of year, and well.….our nights out tend to be past their bedtime. We needed other options! Here are some of my new life savers for when my babysitter is booked:

  • Busy Bees Babysitting. It’s an app (like most things are these days.) All you have to do is download, create an account, fill out info about your family and a “bee” gets back to you. Once they approve YOU, you can schedule a babysitter. All sitters have had a background check, including a criminal and sex offender check. They all have several references and have gone through in person interviews. The “bees” are high school or college age and all have transportation so they can come to you. And forget about getting cash from the ATM- payment is done thru the app. Easy!
  • Nextdoor app (I know ANOTHER app.) Not only will it keep you in the loop with all your neighbors and the “happenings in the hood,” there are plenty of neighborhood teens posting online that they are looking for babysitting gigs. I happened to find out one of the high schoolers across the street was hoping to make some extra cash this holiday season by babysitting. And over the summer when the college kids are home, they too are looking for work and posting on there. YOU can also post on there that YOU are looking for a neighborhood sitter. 
  • Kids Park.  I came across this cute little drop in daycare near Paradise Valley Mall. Perfect if you need to leave your little ones during the day (some nights they are open until 11 pm!)  It has hourly rates depending on the number of kiddos and age range is 2 years old to 10. The place is equipped with so many toys and activities… your kids will never want to leave.

So with the holiday season upon us (eeeekk!!!) I hope these ideas come in handy, whether you have planned an adult night out or just need a mommy break during the day!



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