Fun with kids on Thanksgiving Day


Thanksgiving is just a few days away, and while I love having friends and family over and cooking (and outsourcing) a big meal, it is a lot of work. Because my kids don’t seem to care that I am spending a good portion of the day prepping for the Thanksgiving meal, I have come up with some fun Thanksgiving activities to help them stay entertained (without destroying my house). 

Decorate the Table Cloth

I got this idea from a past SMB article. Buy an inexpensive white table cloth and some fabric markers, then let the kids decorate the cloth with turkeys, leaves, what they are grateful for…anything their heart desires. It keeps them busy for HOURS, as well as makes for some cute holiday décor.

Thanksgiving Place Mats & Name cards

I found the name cards from a local company Perfectly Printed Parties. They are adorable, and really easy to download. Just print and let the kiddos practice their handwriting by filling in all of the guests names.

The place mats I found at (of course) Target. It was only $3 for a bunch of copies and the kids can color and write what they are thankful for. Have them make one for each guest coming!

thanksgiving activities

Let Them Help

My kids love to help me in the kitchen. Plan some easy jobs ahead of time that the little ones can do to feel part of the meal prep. Stir ingredients, mash potatoes, roll out dough, and official “taste tester” are some of the jobs we use. You can also get them their own kitchen supplies to keep them safe and have some fun with their own kitchen tools. 

A-Z Grateful

This is for the older kids, challenge them to write out the alphabet and come up with something they are grateful for this year for each letter. They can make it into a book or draw pictures to go with it as well.

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