3 Movies that teach gratitude


The season of gratitude is here!

It’s time to Boo your neighbor, prep for Thanksgiving, and teach your kids to be gracious when they open the extra large value pack of socks from Aunt Matilda at Christmas. Adding one more task to our already full plate seems overwhelming, but with these movies, you can sneak in some really great teaching moments.

White Christmas (1954) – This past weekend, I was grocery shopping and there was a table set up collecting donations for The Honor Flight Network. I took two minutes and walked over with Mary Alice. We thanked the men for their service. They were so kind and gave a beautiful flower to Mary Alice. How we ended up with a gift when we were trying to thank them is really the point when you think about it. This movie gives you a very light, perfect way to talk about being thankful for the men who serve our country.

How the Grinch Stole Christmas (2000) – Who doesn’t love Jim Carey riding down the hill on the sled with all the presents on Christmas morning? This is the perfect movie to talk about the real meaning of Christmas, family, and community with your kids. If your little ones are getting older, it is a great time to segway into teaching them about programs like Toys for Tots or Angel Trees and giving to children that don’t usually receive presents. If your little one warms up to the idea, they might even be ready to go through their own toys to give to others. It’s amazing how giving children are when we give them the opportunity to think of others. 

Cinderella (2015) – This updated classic has my favorite quote – ‘Have Courage and Be Kind’. After you watch the movie, ask your children what they think those words mean. Just a five minute discussion in the car is enough to plant seeds of thankfulness in their hearts. 

What movies would you add to this list? I’d love to hear! 


  1. Absolutely love White Christmas and the Grinch, truth be told I haven’t seen Cinderella but after reading that line I may have to give it a watch! Wonderful suggestions for teaching kids one of the most important lessons there is.


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