Mom’s School Supply List


mom school suppliesYou’ve been to Target and Walmart, then went back home and filled your Amazon cart with school supplies. Backpacks bought. Pencils and pens procured. School shoes scored. The kids are all set for the first day of school, but what about you? Yes, mama, YOU need your own back-to-school supply list! Because let’s face it, we’re the ones who own back-to-school. So if moms had a school supply list, here are a few practical and purely comical things that should be included:

  1. Coffee. (duh) Or whatever your AM energizer is. Because, mornings.
  2. A megaphone to wake the kids up. Funny how they’re awake way too early during the summer and on weekends, but hibernate on school days.
  3. Audiobooks, podcasts, or something interesting to listen to while waiting in the pick-up line, for soccer practice to finish, or to drown out the sounds of a beginner musical instrument class. 
  4. A personal goal. The kids will be learning this school year, so why shouldn’t you? Try a new workout or hobby (I’ve always wanted to learn chalk lettering). Or a get a Hulu membership and binge watch a favorite show. My fellow SMB contributor suggested training for a half marathon (5K for me!) or stepping out of your comfort zone and inviting a new mom friend out for coffee. 
  5. Extra laundry detergent since your washing machine will be in overdrive with school clothes, practice duds, game day uniforms, and lots of socks.
  6. An Amazon Prime membership. With all the last-minute birthday parties, school projects that you find out about the night before, the teacher appreciation gift that slipped your mind, the extracurricular activity required gear, and whatever else sneaks up on you, the membership fee pays for itself with all the time, gas, and stress you’ll save.
  7. An organized calendar. Get your calendar in shape before the school year starts to avoid double booking once the meetings, practices, project due dates, and parties start rolling in. I go through the calendars on my kids’ schools’ websites and mark all parent nights, music programs, days off, etc., for the entire school year, then coordinate with my husband’s work calendar. This is especially helpful for working parents who may be able to avoid scheduling meetings or travel during school events. 
  8. A personal GPS tracker that can magically find any shoes, sweaters, favorite pencils, or overdue library books that always get lost two minutes before you have to be out the door. 
  9. An extra set (or two) of hands since you’ll be in overdrive juggling school, maybe work, your own sanity, and life in general. Better yet, make a clone of yourself.
  10. Down time. Something that we all need, but never seem to get enough of. Whether it’s alone, with a friend, or includes the entire family, do what you need to do to recharge. 

What’s on your mom school supply list this year?


  1. This is great. Thank goodness for that Amazon Prime membership so you can load up on all the extra laundry detergent. It’s amazing how much more of those little things (hand soap, hand sanitizer, stain spray…) you go through during the school year.


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