Quick & Easy Father’s Day Gift Tradition: All About Dad Printable



If you’ve been searching for a handmade, Father’s Day gift that would come from your kids’ hearts, be made with love by their own tiny hands, and show dad just how much he’s loved… here’s fun, quick, free idea! An “All About Dad” printable personalized by your little ones! What started as something fun and easy to occupy my oldest is now a Father’s Day tradition at our house.

A few years ago, I was browsing Pinterest for some handmade Father’s Day gifts I could handle doing with my then-four-year-old and her baby sister. I came across some “All About Dad” printables and decided to try them since my oldest was at the stage where she blurted out whatever was on her mind, whether it was cute or embarrassing. She grabbed some crayons, I grabbed a pen and the baby, and we got to work. I’d ask her a question. She’d blurt out an answer. I’d write it down and then she’d draw a picture. Some answers were dead-on, like that daddy likes the Dodgers. Some were ridiculously silly, like my dad is 13 years old. Some were heart-warming, like I love dad’s hugs. I loved seeing the memories of her dad that stuck with her. I stapled the pages together into a booklet that we presented to my husband on Father’s Day. My oldest was so proud to give it to him and we had so many laughs reading it out loud.

What stuck with me about this project was that my husband kept this booklet in his keepsake box. This is a guy that throws away EVERYTHING, so the fact that he kept this showed me that we were on to something special. The following year, I had the idea to repeat the same “All About Dad” printables annually to show how our girls have grown and to collect memories they’ve made with their dad growing up. As soon as my youngest could talk, she joined the fun and made her own “All About Dad” books. Now my oldest writes her own answers and they’re a little more serious, but also heartwarming since they show the impact that her dad has had on her. We’ll do this every Father’s Day for as long as we can and then I’m going to take this collection of “All About Dad” gifts and make them into a hardbound keepsake book. It’s become more than a fun project, it’s now a compilation of cherished memories.

Here are the two “All About Dad” sheets that we use. They have different questions and one even had space for pictures, which is perfect for younger children who don’t write. There is this Father’s Day Printable from our own site or I found these links through a Pinterest search, but you can also make your own “All About Dad” printable and personalize it with questions related to dad. You and your little ones are sure to enjoy doing this easy and fun Father’s Day gift idea as much as the dad their lives will love receiving it! 

Book About Dad from The Measured Mom

Homemade Father’s Day gift idea

All About My Dad Printable from Blessed Beyond Words

All About My Dad (Free Father’s Day Printable)


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